Email marketing has been a proven way of promoting a business or non-profit cause long before social media and mobile arrived on the scene. Many more are sure to come around and chances are this old school tactic will still be going strong. Email marketing is great, no doubt, but there is one perception it has never been able to shake: spam. Whether it is done on purpose or unintentionally, spamming can literally destroy your efforts. Take note of the perils that come with associating your email campaigns with spam.

Blacklisted and Blocked

You may not feel it right away, but sending spam or even being accused of sending it could have serious consequences over time. One of the most significant consequences is being blacklisted by ISPs. Blatantly spam your subscribers or keep sending irrelevant content that compels them to report you, and the blacklist could be your fate. The same thing could happen if you keep sending legitimate, relevant messages to invalid email addresses your “former” subscribersʼ ISPs have repurposed into spam traps. There are a couple of ways to end up on the dreaded blacklist, and they all result in the same unfortunate situation, which is not being able to reach your subscribers because your access is cut off.

Sending Privileges Taken Away

Trying to launch an email campaign from a standard desktop or web-based email client is a quick way to get your sending privileges suspended by your ISP. While partnering up with an email service provider gives you a lot more leeway in terms of the number of messages you are allowed to send, your sending privileges can be suspended just the same when spam is involved. All the complaints subscribers log with their ISPs are sent to your email service provider. Once you exceed the predetermined limit, your account could be suspended permanently. It may sound pretty cutthroat, but your ESP has a reputation to protect, and canʼt afford to have your bad sending practices ruining it for everyone else.

Business Down the Tubes

What happens when you are blacklisted and no longer allowed to send email campaigns to your target audience? You guessed it. Business performance starts to struggle. Not being able to work your email marketing magic could negatively impact your business in a variety of ways, including a loss of customers, a loss of revenue and having to start your list building initiatives over from scratch. It is possible to regain everything you lost, but this is often a long and grueling road to travel. In a worst case scenario, your business could plummet altogether.

The more daring and unscrupulous senders arenʼt too concerned about the repercussions, but genuine email marketers should be very concerned about spamming and its consequences. Being aware is even more important these days, as anything the subscriber doesnʼt want can technically be considered spam. Make yourself familiar with the pitfalls and do what it takes to keep spam away from your email marketing.