First and foremost, we don’t speak Greek, unless you count ordering homemade moussaka at the local taverna. But one thing we’ve learned in this business is that a good email newsletter layout transcends language, which is why we’re giving our Best Fashion Newsletter prize to La Redoute’s Greek branch stores.

When it comes to newsletter layouts, La Redoute’s has it all, from an elegant, clean-looking template, to the well-planned use of videos and images, to the decidedly uncluttered social networking bar at the bottom. The fact that the model featured in the newsletter is stunning is beside the point, because while she definitely sells the product, it’s the layout and smart use of various elements that are most pleasing to the eye.

Despite the visual nature of fashion, we’ve learned that crafting a good-looking newsletter showcasing clothes, handbags or shoes is much harder than it looks. There’s a fine line between being disciplined with your media and cluttering up your email, and we’ve seen many a fashion outlet crash and burn due to newsletters crammed with too much stuff. Thankfully, La Redoute’s newsletter works as a shining example of a fashion email done right, and we believe our Best Fashion Newsletter Award is more than well-deserved.

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