Have you ever held an important event and ended up with no-shows? As a business, what do you do next? For Made In Museum, a company that makes colorful art cube puzzles, the answer is to send a visually stunning email newsletter showing guests exactly what they missed. Thanks to the positive tone and beautiful layout of their newsletter, Made In Museum wins our best post-event email award.

As a bit of backstory, MIM had a booth at last month’s New York International Gift Fair, which is one of the most important trade shows for connecting gift buyers with sellers. MIM staffers knew that not everyone would be there to view the new designs, which included cubes featuring sumo art and wildlife images, so they sent out a post-event newsletter showcasing the latest styles and a bright, clear picture of the company’s show booth.

The post-trade show newsletter does two things. One, it reminds buyers that the company has new designs available, most likely leading to post-event purchases. Two, it reminds buyers that MIM will most likely be at the same event next year, so guests can mark their calendars and make plans to see the goods in person.

Giving your customers a nudge when they’ve missed something special takes real skill; and it’s easy to come across as condescending, miffed and even desperate. MIM got things just right with their newsletter, so they’re a solid winner for our best post-event newsletter award.

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