Manufacturing and distribution is one of the oldest American industries, and one that has long relied on no-frills, need-based marketing and promotional strategies. But at a time when the sector is becoming ever more competitive with foreign and national businesses, it’s important to know how to retain old customers and add news ones while growing your bottom line and not over-investing in promotional efforts. So how can manufacturing and distribution businesses increase profits, add clients and put more modern modes of marketing into action without breaking the bank? Benchmark Email will show you the answer in the form of our newest guide: Manufacturing and Distribution: Building a Successful Email Marketing Presence.

Our online promotional system for manufacturing and distribution companies employs state of the art technologies to grow (or begin!) your email subscriber list, segment your audience, provide custom content, test your efforts to fine tune the effectiveness of your campaign and boost your profits with the highest return on investment available in modern marketing. Whether your business chooses to fully delegate your email marketing campaign to Benchmark Email, or retain some of the day-to-day tasks with our DIY method, you’ll be amazed at all the opportunities for growth this system has to offer.

Read or download our easy-access PDF to learn more about this unmatched marketing medium today, and for more guides and manuals, check out our email marketing manual page.