Bill Simmons, “The Sports Guy” from ESPN, begins every single one of his TV show mailbags with, “As always, these are actual questions from actual readers.” Here at Benchmark, we love our interactions with our customers and the email marketing community. They always ask great questions or have smart and witty remarks to ours. So here they are: real people with real (and sometimes witty) questions and answers.

Question of the Week

Can you see who forwarded your emails?
Yes. In your Reports section of your account, click on the number next to Emails Forwarded to see who passed along your email.

We have had some customers tell us that they like to see this so they can thank the people who forward their emails. They do it with a gift, often in the form of a discount.

This question came from our email marketing webinars. We’re holding them daily now to make it convenient for you to come get a crash course on email marketing.

Favorite Tweet

This week we asked our Twitter followers: What are some of the ways in which you segment your email list?
The reply from @remybergsma: Cranky, happy, weird and coupon, I guess. But srsly, it’s by interest, frequency pref and language 😉

Thank you, Remy, for managing to make a Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs joke and for being informative…all in 140 characters or less! You, too, can find us on Twitter @BenchmarkEmail for more email marketing madness more often.

Benchmark Email Video blog

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