Powerfully simple. Simply powerful.

What does that mean?

It means having the tools you need to accomplish your goals. It also means those tools are intuitive and have a low learning curve so that anyone can use them with ease.

We’re about to take a major step forward to address the latter.

A New Benchmark

Powerfully Simple and Simply Powerful Solutions

Identifying the areas for improvement was only the first part. Creating solutions that were lean-focused and user-friendly is where the real work came in.

We’re confident you’ll be pleased with what we’ve done.

Clear and Concise Navigation

The first thing you’ll notice in Benchmark Email’s new user interface is a clear and concise navigation.

Benchmark Interface Before and After

All of your favorite features are now easier to find. At any point, while using our tools, you will have a better understanding of where you’re at and from where you have come.

In addition to a better navigation experience, we’ve also made sure the labels on your user account options are more clear as well.

Continued Speed Enhancements

We don’t need to get into how. What you need to know is that you’re in for a faster experience while creating email campaigns and automations with Benchmark.

Benchmark will be up to 7x Faster

That means less load time when moving from one feature to another, reports load faster, and you’re free to move on to other important tasks that much quicker.

Other Important Changes to Note

In addition to these main updates, we’ve made a few other enhancements to the new interface.

Improved Email Reports

Our team has improved the way your information is displayed in your reports.

Email Marketing Reports

You will be able to glance at your data and immediately interpret it without wasting any time having to determine the success of your efforts.

A More Seamless Experience Across Devices and Screen Sizes

The new user interface is responsive.

That means you can check your email reports easily from your phone or tablet. It also means you can add contacts from any device on the fly.

More business is conducted on-the-go than ever before. Now that means growing your email list, tracking the success of your emails and more.

Here’s What to Expect

There is a lot to be excited about. A better Benchmark experience is right around the corner.

A faster tool with improved navigation and incredible reports that can be easily analyzed from your phone or anywhere else are almost here.

None of your active automations, scheduled email campaigns, drafts or any data will be affected by this change. Everything will still be working as you intended it.

Change is something many of us fear. We understand that. We want this update to be a seamless experience and have done everything we can to ensure that.

If you’re already using Benchmark Email, you’ll see the new interface when you log in once it goes live. Don’t fret; we’re not just dropping you in the deep end.

You’ll be greeted with a tour to show you the ropes of the new interface.

If change doesn’t come easily to you, the slides will also show you how to go back to the old interface. Once you’ve gone back to the old interface, we’ll also provide instructions on how you can rejoin the rest of us using the new interface for when you’re ready.