92% of buyers visiting your eCommerce website for the first time aren’t there to make a purchase. They are there for other reasons: to discover a product, compare prices, and see store details. They usually purchase during subsequent visits. 

That’s the harsh reality of the eCommerce arena and it shows why it’s vital to entice customers to return to your website. The best way to nudge customers to come back is to reach out to them directly. This is where email comes in handy.  

In this article, you’ll learn why email marketing is critical for eCommerce brands. Moreover, you’ll learn how to create unique emails using our box-fresh tools to boost sales

Why Email is a Great Channel for eCommerce Businesses

Ability to Personalize

Email enables you to deliver an individual level-based shopping experience. A personalized email with the customer’s name makes them feel like it’s speaking directly to them. Customers love that. 

They love it more when you personalize the product offer based on their preferences. It shows you understand their taste and plays a huge role in inspiring them to buy from your brand.

Reach Consumers Directly with Specific Product Recommendations

Picture this: a customer visits your online apparel store and spends some minutes on the denim section page before dashing out. The interactions with your brand may have taken minutes but it leaves you with data that reveal the customer’s interests and preferences. 

When sending this customer a win-back email, you won’t send a generic grid of products your brands sell. Instead, you have the details (denim size, color, etc) you need to send a personalized product recommendation email that inspires them to take action. 

Can Easily Track the ROI From Campaigns

Email marketing gives you access to a world of insights and email metrics you wouldn’t otherwise have — who clicked, who didn’t, who made a purchase or visited your site after opening an email, and far more. There’s far less guesswork when you’re using data from an email marketing tool like Benchmark Email.

Using eCommerce Blocks to Boost Your Email Campaigns

We’re always adding great tools to make life easier and better for marketers. One of our recent additions – the eCommerce block – allows you to outshine competitors with unique sales and promotional teasers. 

Here’s are some of its key features: 

Product Photo with Link

The human brain identifies images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. That comes down to the fact that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

Add eye-catching images to the image placeholder to take advantage of the reader’s brain to process images faster than text. Doing so shows customers what product you offer without saying a word.

You can also add a link to the image. This way, if the customer is so intrigued by the image and they decide to click, they’ll land on the right web page. 

Product Description 

Images grab the customer’s attention, leaving them yearning for more information about your product. The product description is the place to quench their thirst for details and answer any questions they may have.

If you sell herbal soap, you could describe what the customer is getting in every package and the benefits. For example: “6 4-oz bars of herbal antibacterial soap to give your skin proper care and protection.” 

Product Price

According to statistics, 47% of customers choose a brand based on price. So, add the pricing information to convince the customer to buy from your store. You can add the specific price here or the discount code.  

CTA Button

When your customer is ready to buy, they shouldn’t have to spend time messing around trying to find the link to your product. The longer it takes the customer to find the link, the higher the risk of them hopping over to a competitor’s website. 

Your email should have a conspicuous call to action (CTA) button. Keep in mind: not every CTA button inspires subscribers to click. Here are some factors to consider to make the CTA noticeable.

  • Button Style: We let you customize the size and style of your button to suit your brand’s identity. The good thing is you don’t have to start from scratch every other time. You can set the same design to all buttons in your email. 
  • Button Text: The most important attribute of the CTA button is not its color, size, or font. The copy plays a huge role in convincing users to click. For example, a CTA button with “Claim 20% discount” will convert better than “Shop now.” 
  • Button URL: The URL is incredibly important. Where do you want to take your email readers? The checkout or product description page? 

Use our Shopify Integration to Merge Your Online Store with Your Email Marketing

Our Shopify Integration includes Shopify Blocks, which allows you to sell your Shopify products straight from your Benchmark Emails. 

Take advantage of our Shopify integration by pulling your Shopify contacts into a segmented Benchmark Email list, then send them special email promotions for your Shopify products. You can select any of your products and place them into your email templates for easy, targeted promotion and more eCommerce sales.

Our new eCommerce features are great for blowing up your email engagement, announcing hot deals, and sharing useful product information to boost your online sales. You can get a first-hand feel for these amazing features and tinker with it risk-free when you sign up for our free plan.