Google Docs can’t save your life … but it can sure save your business! Not only is it a handy tool for work, school, and personal work, but it is the perfect tool to use in this era where everything moves lightening fast. Several businesses have greatly improved thanks to Google Docs.

As digital media is now the number one source to receive the latest breaking news, this spelled trouble for traditional print newspapers and magazines. That’s why several publications had to make the move from paper to web in order to survive in the industry, but it was a lot more difficult that it sounded. Journalists who were used to their own method of reporting and writing had to completely revamp the system to keep with the time-sensitive and fast-paced nature of digital media.

Bangor Daily News, a Maine-based news site, had to quickly incorporate a new tool in the workplace that allows reporters and writers to work with ease. Online editor, William Davis, shared:

“We picked Google Docs purely for its ease of use and its collaboration tools. We wanted a place where reporters could work on their articles easily from wherever they are — we have quite a few bureaus, and our reporters often file from events. The collaboration tools are terrific and have really proved useful, for example, when we’re editing articles on tight deadlines or when reporters are working on stories together. On Election Day we had three reporters at different campaign headquarters all working in one doc, and it went very smoothly.”

As for the process going from story idea to web article, reporters begin their stories into Google docs and then drop them into the appropriate folder according to its category. Then the editors would read it and then move it to a copy-editing queue. Then finally, a digital desk editor reviews it before sending it off to WordPress.

With this system, Google Docs work as an assembly line factory, where all team members of different positions can come to work, find what they need, and pass along when finish. Not only is this more time-efficient, but also much tidier and less chance of losing documents.

Just one of the many examples of how Google docs is a basic necessity to run your company. Equally important is how you can take advantage of Google docs to increase your brand awareness and strengthen relationships with your audience. With the Benchmark Email Google Docs Integration, you can transfer all information (spreadsheets, documents, data) collected from Google surveys, straight into your email list! The speediness of Google docs and marketing power of email…what is better than that?