Surely, if you are a customer of Benchmark and Prestashop you already know that for over more than a year both platforms are integrated through an Official Module developed by InnovaDeluxe.

The module is translated into three languages: Spanish, English and Italian, and will allow you to:

  • Synchronize in real time with the selected Benchmark list.
  • Popup in Front Office for subscription to the newsletter.
  • Customizable popup with a banner to make the email taster more attractive.
  • Very easy to use, it works automatically, you just have to configure your Benchmark profile.
  • You can generate a discount code by subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Customizable multilingual newsletter title.
  • Field to add a custom description in the popup, also translatable to multiple languages.
  • Link to the backoffice of the module to create your account in Benchmark if you do not already have one.
  • You can configure the time it takes for the popup to be displayed to the client.
  • You can have a user from the list go to the drop-down list in Benchmark.

Also, both Benchmark and InnovaDeluxe, we will offer you the best support and help to make everything easy for you.

Do not fall behind and make your online store completely automated and work on its own. Also, with Automation Pro, you can now create custom journeys based on the actions your customers and leads take on your website or in your emails.

It has never been so easy. Now is your time, go ahead!

If you need us to erase any doubts, you may have about the module, leave us your comment here below.