April Fool’s Day is the one day of the year when you can’t believe anything you hear (except at Fox News, when it’s every day). A coworker can tell you to do something and you can ignore it, saying you thought they were joking. What? That’s not the purpose of April Fool’s Day?

April Fool’s Day is usually a day of good-natured pranks and practical jokes. Some of the funniest blogs and articles I’ll read all year will be on this day. It’s also a great opportunity to visit your subscribers’ inboxes. Use a Benchmark April Fool’s Day Email Template and share your favorite pranks to pull around the office.

The best examples of great office pranks are from The Office. Jim has pulled many a great prank on Dwight over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Jim put Dwight’s stapler in a Jello mold.
  • Jim wrapped Dwight’s entire desk in wrapping paper. When he went to sit down it all collapsed, as the desk and chair were not inside the wrapping paper.
  • Jim swapped out all of Dwight’s pens and pencils with crayons.
  • Jim and Pam hummed in a high pitch, causing Dwight to make an appointment with a doctor.
  • Jim filled the vending machine with all of Dwight’s desk supplies.

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