The answer to this question is a matter of actions speaking louder than words, but you may get some subscribers that tell you to, “stop sending so many  emails!” It makes it easier when they say that, but it won’t happen often. The far more likely scenario is that unhappy contacts in your list will hit the unsubscribe button and you’ll never hear from them again. So how do you know?

A subscriber opting out of your email campaigns is not solely an indicator that you’re sending too often. Perhaps the content no longer resonates with them. Maybe they’re just trying to receive fewer emails. Or, if you haven’t been sending frequently enough, they may have forgotten they subscribed with you in the first place.

Finding out how often you can send, and if it’s becoming too often, is a matter of trial and error. Test your sending frequency. As you increase the frequency of sending, eventually you’ll see an uptick in unsubscribes. That’s your subscribers speaking to you through their actions. Pay attention, and eventually, you’ll find the frequency sweet spot.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Some subscribers may not mind hearing from you more often. However, once you start increasing the frequency and subscribers start heading for the exit, it’s possible to catch them on their way out the proverbial door. With the use of a preference center, those that were about to opt-out may decide that once per month is an acceptable amount to hear from you. Or maybe it’s once per quarter, weekly or any other amount of time that works for you and your subscribers. Giving them the option to dictate the sending frequency will save you some subscribers … and perhaps better inform you on how often you should be sending in general.