There are many things in this world that can cause us much physical pain, and stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego is pretty up there on the pain assessment scale. Well parents can finally rejoice because the Lego Company has heard their cries of pain and they just created the first ever Lego slippers. Together with French PR firm, Brand Station, these slippers come equipped with extra heavy duty padding in the insoles to protect the bottom on your feet. It is the biggest relief in past 80 years of Lego history, right?

Well, not so fast. These precious slippers are only a limited edition of just 1,500 pairs, created as a special promotion for the holidays. To those who wish to snag a pair must visit the Lego France website and create their own wish list in order to enter to win. Yes, meaning that they must also be residents of France too.

You got to give them much kudos for this promotion. There were a lot of clever steps in terms of marketing. First, they took a universal issue that has plagued so many of us for so many years and found a solution to it. That’s what consumers look for when searching for a product or service –can this resolve this huge problem I have? Lego slippers that allow you to walk from across a room without getting pierced in the flesh are definite necessities in the market.

Next is exclusivity. If you want your product to be highly sought after, it has to be extra special and in limited amount. You see that a lot with retails stores during a blowout sale, “Last Chance … Only 4 left,” etc. This puts a sense of urgency in the consumer that they must get it now.

Lastly, the key is tying it back to the brand. The concept of Lego slippers is great, but remember that those slippers aren’t the company’s purpose. The purpose is to sell more Legos! That’s why part of the promotion is that parents have to visit the website and create a Christmas wish list. By circling back to the website, it is a passive-aggressive gentle reminder that they have to start shopping for Christmas presents, and hey they just happen to be on the website! Time to do some Lego shopping!