You know how when you leave the grocery store and you see a couple of people in matching shirts with clipboards to save the whales or trees or whatever, and they are waiting by the front sliding doors and pleading eyes, with which you hastily avoid, or tell them “Oh, I am busy, some other time”?

Well, European artist Isaac Cordal wants to use his extreme creativity to make you feel really guilty about ignoring the needs of our planet with his sculpture piece, Politicians Discussing Global Warming. It basically reveals the reality of how we are dealing with the long standing issue of global warming; which is basically sit around and discuss it while it continues to spread and worsen.

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The sculpture consists of around thirty old, balding politicians all huddled together while simultaneously sinking into a small puddle. If you look past the fact that these men look like the zombie corpses that just walked off the set of The Walking Dead, it is quite eerie how accurate the global warming situation is, with us sitting around talking about while ice caps are melting everywhere.

Even though this sculpture is gaining popularity on the Web recently this year, Cordal actually created and debuted this piece back in 2011. But with the power of the Internet and people doing random searches, this sculpture came back onto the scene and really got people talking.

Marketing-wise, this sculpture can do so much more than just a banner or brochure that promotes environmental-consciousness. We are so used to seeing words on a paper and pictures of melting icebergs, that it has somewhat become background noise. Yes, radiation levels are increasing…yes, icebergs are melting … yes, planet Earth is soon going to melt and start caving into itself…along with other extremities. Maybe we have been too complacent in thinking that the government will soon think of something to deal with this. But this sculpture just screams, “Enough of just sitting around talking. Just up and do something about it!”

Now this blog isn’t meant to take sides of the government or ignite a huge propaganda, but it is merely focusing on what we as an audience can learn from this sculpture piece and why it has become such a huge topic.

Instead of showing people what is happening around the world (sometimes, distance makes people feel disconnected and apathetic), show them how the situation that seems so far off can soon come into affect their country/government. Or else we all are going to be drowning alongside old, balding corpses, and nobody wants that!