Imagine a demographic of 5 million that is desperate for you to cater to their group. That demographic is stay at home moms. Further notes from a 2012 U.S. Census report shows that stay at home moms are mostly younger women under the age of 44. In recent years, many women have chosen to give up the briefcase in exchange for being able to provide value and a higher quality environment for their children and family.

These women are a whole different breed from the average female consumer. They have heart and soul that is tapped into every day – that needs to be tapped into everyday. Along with their often touch decision to sacrifice career for family, they’re faced with cultural taboos and passive aggressive criticism from society. These are strong undercurrents that are part of the fabric of a stay at home mom. These are things your marketing department will need to understand.

Here’s how you get to understanding what that means…

First of all, stay-at-home moms (SAHM). There’s a sort of demeaning undertone that phrase has which implies they’re on the couch eating bon-bons, when in fact studies show that for all the work moms at home do they should be earning about six figure salaries a year. But that doesn’t happen and moms trudge on. That is the how you understand a stay at home mom: she’s not in the lap of luxury necessarily. She’s a warrior.

There are other things you can call a mom – a homemaker or even just mom will do if you’re really focused on a niche community. Understanding this group is about more than a name though. It’s about a mindset. From low income moms to affluent moms, being a stay at home mom brings with it exhaustion and fatigue, even in the form of emotional and mental fatigue. People wanting to market to this demographic need to understand this.

The first priority for a SAHM is the family, then the home, and then maybe at the end of the day it’s us. This is a pinnacle challenge for mothers. In fact, Helen Adourian Saman – a stay at home mom who recently launched a LuLaRoe shop from her home. On May 18th, 2016, Helen shared an amazingly personal story of how she got to where she was mentally, physical and emotionally as a mom, a wife and a woman. With two sets of twins, all of whom routinely pop into her videos, Helen gives you a rare and highly coveted insight into the mind of a mom. It’s about celebrating the small things, creating a community, being encouraging, and reminding moms to put themselves first along with family and home (which is easier said than done).

Before you market to stay at home moms, you need to know what their life is like, what their goals and setbacks are. Helen is a great person to watch and get to know – think of it as your own focus group. She’s also super friendly – so if you do need a mom to run an idea by she’s a great go to source.