This week we saw three new features launch. Each of them is meant to make your email editing experience faster and more efficient. And better. And prettier. And more professional. Let’s face it – new software means a bigger, better system for cooler emails with smoother performance. And the best part? Two of these features come to us direct from the Feature Wish List Forum. Two wishes granted just like that? Happy Holidays. Now let’s get to it:

Code View

This upgrade got a brief mention in our HTML blog this week, but we’re making the announcement formal: the Code View for HTML is now optimized for user-friendliness with proper colors and indentations to make the overall view easier to decipher. You’ll also notice that codes turn red when an improper HTML or tag is added to the window. This is an improvement over our original black and white block and will be a great help to users who like to work with their templates’ HTML codes. It also happens to be a big help to us when we need to fix HTML or template-related issues.

New Font Options

Why is this a big deal? Variety, readers, it’s the spice of life. You now have the additional use of the following fonts for your emails:

  • Arial Black
  • Century Gothic
  • Consolas
  • Franklin Gothic Medium
  • French Script MT
  • Haettenschweiler
  • Palatino Linotype
  • Papyrus
  • Sylfaen
  • Expect to see more of these as time goes by. Have fun giving your templates a refreshing new style!
  • Personal Note

This is one we’re very pleased to bring you. The Personal Note is like a digital post-it for your test emails. As you’ll see below, the Personal Note box is located just under your test email recipients. Now you can enter your addresses as before and in the note box leave your recipients comments or instructions for when they view it.

When your recipient gets the test email they’ll see your personal note as its own section at the top of the email. It’s clear, easy to read and you are that much closer to achieving email marketing magic.

Have fun exploring these new features and we’ll be back soon with even more presents to deck your digital halls.