Fitness goes beyond the weight room, encompassing diet, mental health and wellness, sports activities and healthy living, among others, and there are plenty of people looking for a new way to get in shape (now that Thanksgiving’s over). How can fitness industry professionals tap the market of burgeoning fitness fanatics? Benchmark Email knows how to get your online communications and marketing into shape!

These days, everyone is on-the-go. When you walk into a fitness facility, people are listening to music and checking email as they conquer the stair climber. It’s important to know where to meet your audience, and in this case it’s on the Web. At Benchmark Email, we know how to engage everyone, from yogis to strongman competitors, and we’ll share how in the form of a marketing manual specifically tailored to the fitness industry. Our dedication to email service provision, online marketing, branding and social integration serves to educate our users, providing them with the most up to date and valuable information and to ultimately explore marketing best practices in a detailed yet comprehensible way – all with an attractive price tag.

Fitness: Shaping Up Your Business through Email Marketing is a free, fully researched PDF on email best practices for the fitness and wellness industry. We hope you will take the time to download this guide or read it directly from our website.

Benchmark Email is proud to offer you the best marketing resources on the net, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the team. For more guides and manuals, check out our email marketing manual page.