We already know how important it is to have a well-designed landing page as part of your email marketing campaign. Why is the point of sending a customer an email about a special promotion when the link you included is not even regarding said special promotion? It is the path that leads to High-bounce-rate-ville.

The art of creating a fantastic landing page is knowing what elements to include, and where to place those elements on the page. Location is everything, and you would want to place the most important parts where the eyes can easily see them.

(Random Customer Tip: Ever wonder why you end up spending more money at the mall than you intended? It’s because stores place the most expensive items in the front and at eye-level so that you spot those first, thus more likely to purchase them).

The same concept should be applied for your landing page. Let’s say your online clothing store is having a sale on scarves. Would you create a landing page that looks exactly like your main homepage, with the store name is big bold letters at the top, and a tinsy-winsy “special scarves sale” in size-8 font where there is almost no chance of anyone spotting them? Noooo.

Balancing out the familiar structure of your website with the upcoming promotion, sale, etc. you have needs careful execution, but it can be done! Here are some of the key elements to keep in mind:
1. Headline: Pretty much the first thing your visitor will see upon landing on your page. What exactly is this landing page for? Is it advertising “Spend $50 dollars or more and receive a free toaster oven?” Then put that as the largest font out of the entire page. Business usually make the mistake of keeping their store name is the largest title, but the landing page has to be unique in that it doesn’t look like any other page add-on to the website, but a special one-time event.

2. Copy/Tagline: Sure the headline is the attention-getter, but you need to add some extra copy to convince your visitor why this promotion is something they are in dire need of. So under the headline of the free toaster oven, add a fun tagline such as “perfect for breakfast and lunch on-the-go for your family!” or “limited-edition toaster oven for endless cuisine possibilities!” Something snazzy like that to give visitors an extra nudge in grabbing this awesome opportunity.

3. Conversion Form: If your promotion is one where visitors must submit their information in exchange for the offer, then create a good sizeable one; not too big where it takes up half the page but not too small that it can be mistaken for a fly that landed on your computer screen. But most importantly, make sure it is place at the top-middle of the page. If for some reason you place at the very bottom, no one would know to scroll down to look for it.

Sounds easy enough right? Landing pages are quite easy to make, and made even easier with Unbounce software. Be sure to check out the Unbounce-Benchmark plugin to create a contact list just for your Unbounce converts and a better targeted email marketing campaign!