Our recent series on Creating an Email Marketing Plan and this past long weekend had me thinking. First about how the long weekend wasn’t really long enough. Second, about how full my inbox was given an extra day away from my desk. There was too much there to see it all. I’m sure some emails born of hard work and determination fell though the cracks. Even the best laid plans can hit a snag if you forget to account for something like a Monday off for a Federal Holiday.

It’s often said that the best time to send an email campaign is Tuesday through Thursday. On a week when many have Monday off for a holiday, your Tuesday inbox will look like it’s Monday. With email marketing technology where it is today, companies can schedule their campaigns to send far ahead of time. If your company sends their weekly or monthly emails on Tuesdays, it might be a good idea to adjust your campaign to send a day later on shortened weeks.

Another situation to be aware of is having special promotional emails or holiday email campaigns conflicting with your regularly scheduled campaigns. If they come in at the same time, your subscribers may feel overwhelmed. You don’t want them to tire of your email campaigns. Space them out accordingly.

Scheduling your email campaigns is an important part of the plan. Being aware of any obstacles, such as holidays and shortened work weeks, is top priority. You don’t want your emails finding an overcrowded inbox, and you certainly don’t want to be the cause of that overcrowding.