It’s that time of the week again. We want to thank those of you who have connected with us in the social space in the past week or so. Keep it coming. Hearing from all of you makes my day go by faster!

Singing Our Praises

I love jingles. So much so that I once told a friend of an idea to start a band that played them exclusively. Yes, that would be annoying. That’s why I work here on email marketing tips and am not touring the country, invading your minds with catchy tunes. That being said, this compliment via tweet made me especially warm and fuzzy inside.


“I use @benchmarkemail I’ve tried the rest … but, they’re the best” (sic)

There’s a jingle somewhere in there. What are some of your favorite jingles?

Why 78% of Your Email’s Text Is Never Read

It isn’t because of your excellent, helpful ESP! A recent web-use study showed that the percentage of words actually read online is quite small. Watch this video to get some helpful tips on how to increase your percentages.

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Why 78% of Your Email’s Text Is Never Read