“If you could choose just one moment, what would you choose?”

That’s what a colleague asked me recently as we discussed everything that’s happened at Benchmark over the years and, honestly, I can’t choose just one.

We’ve never really seized the opportunity to tell you all about what we’ve achieved internationally although we have, of course, been keeping you up to date on all the improvements we’ve made to the platform itself.

You’ve surely noticed that the tool and site have just undergone a rebrand. We’ve got a brand new logo and released the game-changing Automation Pro a few months ago as well. That’s not it either and we’ve got a few more surprises coming your way very soon.

However, what about awards? Did you know that in 2016, we won the award for Best Email Marketing Solution at eShow Brazil, or that, more recently, we appeared in Forbes as one of the top B2B tools to try in 2017?

The truth is that we hardly ever make enough of a song and dance about these small victories, but each and every one is something that we’re all incredibly proud of. So, instead of just choosing one, I’ve chosen 6 of my most recent favourite moments to share with you.

  1. Business News Daily named us Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business Overall in January. They researched and analysed dozens of other platforms, but fell in love with our templates, powerful and easy-to-use editing software, detailed reports and dedicated support. You can click to read the review in full.
  2. Last year, we participated in eShow Brazil 2016, a major digital marketing event in Sao Paulo attended by over 4,000 digital professionals. The show also celebrates the most innovative digital services, e-commerce tools and agencies with an awards ceremony where we were voted Best Email Marketing Solution. You can see photos from the event, our shiny award and also practice your Portuguese by clicking to view our special eShow blog post.
  3. There are lots of great email marketing blogs so it was very exciting to see that ours has recently been ranked 7th best of all of them! We are genuinely passionate about sharing our email marketing knowledge and experience so knowing we’ve made a difference helping so many marketers with practical, insider tips and advice, really means a lot.You can see the entire ranking here.
  4. We recently became one of a select few companies that have been shown to comply with the Privacy Shield’s data protection requirements. This agreement imposes stronger obligations on US companies to protect the personal data of Europeans and also enforces greater transparency while offering several redress possibilities. Getting certified is a rigorous process but, if you’re still wondering what’s involved and why it’s important, then you’re in luck because you can learn more about the agreement and also find out which of your favourite companies comply with the requirements here.
  5. Privacy Shield wasn’t the only certification process we passed with flying colours either. After a thorough assessment, which involved reviewing our Privacy Policy and data collection practices, TRUSTe certified our commitment to privacy.
  6. It was quite the honour to have Dan Reich, writing on Forbes, the leading business and financial news publication, include us among his 20 B2B technologies to try in 2017. Dan is an entrepreneur and business expert with years of online and technological experience. If you’d like to read more about what he said about us, as well as explore his other favourite B2B tools for 2017, click the link above.

Finally, we truly believe that these successes aren’t just ours. We couldn’t have won these prizes and acknowledgments without you because it’s thanks to you that we’re where we are today so, thank you ?

What about you? What were your big successes and favourite moments from recent months? Share them in the comments below.