The Problem

Losing a subscriber is a disappointing experience. It begs the question, what more could I have done? Hopefully it makes you work that much harder to provide a quality experience for your future subscribers. But the time will periodically come when you must trim your idle or unresponsive contacts. It is best to think of your contact lists as living things. Once an email address becomes an object to be accumulated like so many antiques, it is useless trying to market to it. Treat your email lists with respect and you maintain their vibrancy. Ignore them, especially the addresses that are no longer showing signs of life, and your metrics (and attitude) will stagnate. Now we’ve already given you a head start on how to clean a house email list, but today we’ll show you how to go about it.

Managing email unsubscribes will return better open rates and allow you to focus on more active subscribers, delivering the quality that you want and refining the process of signing up new customers.

The Fix

Step 1
From your Dashboard, click on the Contact List that contains the addresses you would like to unsubscribe.

Step 2

Check the boxes next to the email addresses you want to unsubscribe.

Step 3

Once you have checked all the addresses you want to remove, scroll down to the Move To List button. Click it.

Step 4

Find the Master Unsubscribe List. Depending on how many lists you have, it may be on the next page. See below.

Once you’ve found the Master Unsubscribe List, check the box and click Done.

Bear in mind that this does not erase the address(es) from your database. It will remain on this Master Unsubscribe List to be viewed at any time. You can also find unsubscribed contacts by clicking on the number of Unsubscribes in your Summary Reports.