Sometimes I log into my personal email account and I have so many messages waiting for me that it becomes overwhelming. I decide that I don’t want to hear from certain businesses for awhile because I just don’t have the time to read each message. So…I hit the “unsubscribe” button and voilà! I have been removed from their active contact list.

Then a few weeks go by (or a few months) and I begin to miss seeing them in my inbox. I decide I want to start receiving the newsletters or promotions again. I send my request over to them and…POOF! I am now officially back on the list! Yay!

As a subscriber, I don’t really need to be concerned with HOW they processed my request. I only care about the end result of getting that great 40% off coupon again or being updated on the latest travel ideas. But for someone like you who is managing subscribers left and right, it is pretty important for you to know what steps you need to take to re-add someone to your active contact list.

Regardless if they unsubscribed on purpose or by accident, a contact can be re-added to your list so long as they have asked to be. Following these steps will ensure that your contacts will be able to receive your campaigns again:

Step 1

First, the subscriber needs to send out the request directly from his/her email address. They can either send the request to you or to us at

  • If they decide to contact us directly, they should include the email address associated with your campaigns (or your Benchmark Email login name) so that we know who they want to be added to again.
  • If they contact you with the request, you will need to forward that email from the subscriber to us at

Step 2

We will then remove them from the “Master Unsubscribe List.”

Step 3

You will receive an email confirmation from the support team to notify you when this is completed.

Step 4

After you receive the notification from us, you may then add that contact to one of your contact lists in your Benchmark Email account.

Please keep in mind that you are not able to do this process without contacting Benchmark Email. Once a contact is on the “master unsubscribe list” we have to manually remove him/her from the list before they can subscribe again.