Adding new email marketing features to our already vast repertoire is always an exciting thing for us here at Benchmark Email HQ. Not only because it allows us to puff out our chests a little more and be proud of our product, but also because we know it’s going to make the lives of our customers a bit easier. Our latest feature, we are pleased to announce, is all about you.

This week Benchmark Email introduced the Feature Wish List Forum. Any customer can tell us a feature they’d like to see implemented or vote for another idea that’s previously been suggested. It’s our way of letting you know that we’re listening. The idea you suggest might even become the latest and greatest feature that we’re blogging about! Even though the forum has only been live for a very short time, we’re already preparing to implement a new feature that came from the Wish List.

The Feature Wish List Forum can be accessed from your homepage when you’re logged into your Benchmark Email account. Click on the red Feedback button on the left side of your screen. Each user is given 25 votes to begin with. You can designate up to three votes per feature suggestion. You can get those votes back once a feature you have voted for has been completed or deleted. You can also change your votes by clicking on them. The forum will send you an email digest of any activity on your ideas. This includes comments, status changes and responses from the admin.

When in the forum, you can suggest an idea of your own at the top. You can also browse the list of features that have already been suggested, and they are organized by tabs. The first tab is called Top Ideas. These suggestions are the leading vote getters, and they are closest to being implemented in our services. The next tab is the Hot tab – the ideas that have received votes and comments in the past 15 days. Next is the New tab, where you can see the most recent suggestions from the past 15 days. The Accepted tab tells you the features that our programmers are currently working into our system, and the Completed tab denotes those features that have officially become a part of the Benchmark Email service.

We hope that you are as excited about this new forum as we are because it’s all about you. We want what you want: the best possible product that satisfies all your wants and needs. This forum allows our customers to take ownership of that fact. Just like the people in the new Windows 7 commercials, you’ll brag that you’re responsible for our great new feature. The difference is that with the Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum, it really could be true.