If you are considering a native app for your event promotion you are certainly in good company. Even stalwart social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have launched native apps, so there really is no reason why any event promoter, producer and marketer shouldn’t follow suit. While many events launch hybrid HTML5 apps, there is really nothing that can compare to the native app development and attendee experience. So take the plunge and avail yourself of the benefits of 100% purpose-engineered native apps.

iOS and Android hold 91.2% of the market

Hybrid apps were originally believed to be able to minimize the expenditures which are inherent in a cross platform app development program, but it turned out that the requirement to ensure a fully consistent audience experience across multiple mobile platforms has significantly diminished. Sure, there are still a number of players in the mobile operating system field but they have such a minimal market share that they can readily be ignored. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android hold 91.2% of the market so many event marketers automatically assume that they should develop their apps for the big two and just forget about the other players. Unless your event is so massive that it will appeal to many millions of prospective attendees, the cost and complexity of developing for peripheral operating systems such as Blackberry and Windows Phone are simply not warranted. Let’s not even mention the fact that if you’re seeking an affluent attendee, 41% of all iOS users earn over $100,000 annually!

Native apps keep up with Apple & Google’s rapid updates

Another important point is that Apple and Google are dedicated to keeping their mobile operating systems up to the minute by issuing an avalanche of innovations and updates. While the hybrid app which relies upon the web component is going to be severely limited in keeping up with this rapid change, the 100% native app can be engineered to be quickly adapted to the latest modifications. While the hybrid app stumbles along providing an inconsistent or outright incorrect audience experience as it is keyed to an earlier variant of technology, the native app can take advantage of all of the latest and greatest features. This factor equals an audience experience which is always on the cutting edge of the latest technology and is profoundly appreciated by your more tech-savvy prospective attendees.

Security is a foremost consideration in native apps

Since your prospects are extremely interested in privacy and security, hybrid apps simply can’t perform up to the level of the native app when it comes to these considerations. The encryption capabilities of native apps are in a considerably higher league than their hybrid counterparts since the latter generally rely on caches within the web browser itself and this is often a dangerously unsecure location. While it has to be acknowledged that developing a native app involves a greater investment in your brand’s online infrastructure, larger demands on staffing and personnel, as well as an overall bigger check that has to be written to accommodate the technological requirements, the benefits of a fully native app outweigh the added costs. Your provision of a native app for your event is going to be acknowledged by your prospective audience as a strong positive which will reflect well upon your entire event.

The features, facilitations and characteristics, which are available in a native app setting dwarf those available in just about any type of hybrid app because dedicating your efforts to a specifically native app allows the developers to create an audience experience that is considerably more intuitive as well as being swiftly responsive and fully engaging. When you are engaging your prospective audience they will interact with your app for a longer period of time and a greater frequency. This increased time spent with a native app translates into a greater lifetime value and more tickets to your event which are going to be sold! That is why if you are truly an event marketing professional you will quickly pass over the hybrid app options and opt for the efficient, effective, and engaging 100% native app!