Fear is totally debilitating. It makes marketers vulnerable to shrewder (and more courageous) competitors to gnaw away at their market shares. It eats away at the confidence of the marketer leading them to concoct meek, mild, and essentially ineffective strategies because they are afraid of taking a chance. Worst of all it diminishes your strengths and amplifies your weaknesses so that you essentially have lost at the challenge of creating the best marketing campaign that you are capable of… before you even start. You have no choice but to confront your monstrous fears and out-monster them. You have to do that for the sake of your brand, your customers, and your career.

The 7 elements which marketers fear the most

What are most marketers truly afraid of? They may be afraid of:

1. Their clients
2. Not doing everything right
3. The implementation of their marketing plan
4. The success of their concepts
5. The ability for their staff to carry out the campaign
6. The costs and ROI of the campaign
7. The future of their businesses
When it comes to online marketing there are a nearly infinite number of triggers which can force you to spin out in a spiral of uncertainty, anxiety and outright monstrous fear. You have to confront them one by one in order to ensure that you can conquer these fearful demons and triumph over them.

Your competitor may have a big lead but you can catch up

The first fear you have to overcome is the one you’re confronted with when you survey the social media universe and realize that so many brands have such a lead on you that you’ll never catch up. Sure enough you may have a primary competitor which has already tallied up five million followers on Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that since you’re starting from Square One you have to give up before you get going. Sure, at first you’ll be counting your fans and followers in the dozens, then the hundreds. But that does not equate to the fact that you’ll never have more than a fraction of one percent of the social media success your bigger competitor has. They started at zero as well and over time they were able to generate a substantial following. If they can do that so can you. Also keep in mind that in the social media galaxy, your brand is going to be far better off with one thousand enthusiastic, evangelistic advocates than with a million lethargic do nothings. The measure of success in social media is the quality of your followers, never the quantity.

Just admit that it’s going to take time and resources to succeed

The next fear that many marketers face on an ongoing basis is that they get completely scared silly to confront the amount of time that it’s going to take to implement the proper social media marketing campaign. Yes, it’s true that social media is not like a newspaper ad which you have a graphics artist and your copywriter draft up, place the insertion order, and wait for the results. Social media requires a committed dedication over the long haul to contribute time, energy, resources, and manpower in order to succeed. The essence of social media is that it is fundamentally a one on one conversation with your customers and in order to provide that individual attention it takes time. However, every single successful interaction provides you with an extra iota of loyalty and trust in the minds of your customers and once you allow the time to build these individual elements one atop the other you will reach your social media goals… and it may be considerably sooner than you might have otherwise believed.

You can be afraid of the dark, or of spiders, or of stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. Some fear is a good thing as it’s an essential human quality which allows us to avoid risky situations that could injure us. In marketing, however, you should shun fear, build up courage, and go out there and show the world what you’ve got!