Your upcoming event requires all the help it can get in order to rise above the competition in a crowded field. If you integrate all eight of these critical factors to achieving the best in any event’s promotional campaign, you will see the effects… in your box office totals!

  1. Call To Action button – Every single online presence which your event operates has to have a very prominent and evident call to action, whether it be a button or a link or whatever your online designer creates. This call to action should be positioned well above the fold and have the rest of the copy on that page direct the reader to it. After all you’re operating those presences to drive attendance, not for pure altruism.
  2. The right hashtag – Creating a hashtag for your event is a critical step and you can’t afford to mess it up. You have to make sure that your hashtag is not only short and catchy but also has to be essentially unique. Don’t create a hashtag which consists of just #crochetexpo but #crochetexpodallas to ensure that the traffic you’re generating goes to your event, not the one in Indianapolis or Seattle.
  3. Blog, blog, blog, and blog some more – You can’t possibly blog too much about your event. However, you can certainly blog in the wrong direction by doing nothing but being a shill for the box office. Your audience doesn’t want to read exhortations to go buy a ticket over and over again ad nauseum masquerading as a blog post. Discuss interesting aspects related to your industry and topic, not just the event itself. Make your blog readable and comprehensible even if it were to stand alone from the event!
  4. Presenter posts – You don’t have to hog your blog when you have a wealth of presenters and speakers which your audience would appreciate hearing from. Their unique and personal viewpoints can be incorporated in original blog posts which you can run to give your attendees a break from your own writing style and takes. You’ll find that presenters and speakers may be able to craft blog posts of such insight and professionalism that they will boost your event’s attendance more than your own writing! Don’t take it as an ego deflator but as a box office booster!
  5. Presenter photos – Your prospective attendees want to associate a face to the identity of the presenters or speakers, so by all means makes sure that you have professionally shot and pleasing headshots of all your main featured individuals on all your promotional materials.
  6. Presenter bios – The name and photo is not enough as your prospects want to learn more about the specific presenters or speakers who they might not already be well aware of. Don’t scrimp on the bios but don’t write full curriculum vitae on each either. A couple of paragraphs describing in a narrative format the highlights of their career and relevance to the topic of your event should suffice.
  7. Contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways, oh my! – Yes, you are promoting your event on the internet and of course you are subject to the same rules of online marketing as every other brand whether event or simply product and service oriented. And as an online marketer you don’t have to be told that the single greatest way to engage a consumer is to tantalize them with the opportunity to win a prize. Secure and obtain a wide variety of prizes which you can integrate into creative contests surrounding your event and promote them heavily. They will certainly have an impact on how well your event is attended!
  8. Partner with industry organizations – Whether you’re presenting crochet expos or hydraulic pump trade shows, there are always at least several industry organizations with a vested interest in the sector and topic your event is centered upon. Approach all of them from a creative marketing viewpoint which essentially asks them how you can work together to help both of you achieve your respective organization’s goals.
    You have to pull out all the stops in promoting your event, so go for it!