It’s easy to fall into a routine with your email marketing. You find that special blend of herbs and spices that kicks your emails into success and you coast along. No shame here—we all get complacent sometimes. But, with an industry like email marketing, you have to stay sharp to keep ahead of the curve.

Email is always changing. The way emails render on different devices and services, what is considered accessible design, new developments in interactivity, and innovations in copy or design happen at lightning speed. 

Many of us combat this by subscribing to our competitor’s newsletters and watching our analytics like a hawk. That is a great first step, but one of the best ways to keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry is to pick the minds of the great movers and shakers of the field.

Luckily, in the age of blogs, you have a wealth of excellent sources to choose from. Let’s look at a curated list of excellent email marketing blogs to follow that will keep you on-trend with both technological advances and creative inspiration.


We’re not ones to brag, but we work tirelessly to create and curate content that drives both email inspiration and success. We cover a lot of topics in our articles, with everything from the psychology of marketing to what causes a spam filter to trigger. We are forward thinkers in the email marketing game and are always striving to find new and innovative ways to drive our customers’ success.

So, whether you’re looking for some technical words of wisdom, design inspiration, or want to dive into email marketing for the first time, we have to say that we’ve built a pretty great resource.

Must-read: We’re particularly proud of the article, “Why Email Marketing is Your Most Valuable Brand Touchpoint,” as it really shows just how important email marketing is to your business.


Hatchbuck is a CRM that also features an excellent email marketing toolkit. Their blog is a bit more general and covers all aspects of digital marketing. The thing is, even if you’re looking for email marketing solutions, almost all aspects of digital marketing are interconnected. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how all of your advertising efforts in the online world work together, the Hatchbuck blog is a great place to build your knowledge.

Must-read: The article, “5 Vital Deliverability Tips for 2019” will help your emails land into more inboxes than ever before.


Litmus is an email marketing enhancement service that provides excellent tools for creating emails that stay away from the SPAM filter and render well on any platform. They do this through excellent analytics, builders, and email proofing.

Their services veer to more of the technical side of email marketing, so it’s safe to say their blog does as well. What is excellent about Litmus’ blog is it’s more than just articles. Their blog is a wealth of information in the form of articles, ebooks, and training webinars. They are the king of technical email knowledge.

Must-read: The Secrets to Ready Good Emails” webinar is absolutely fantastic for creating beautiful emails that deliver well. It’s a collaboration between Litmus and the email design inspiration site Really Good Emails. It’s a total must-watch.


AdWeek is one of the leaders in the space for everything related to design, traditional advertising, marketing, and digital marketing, so chances are you’ve heard of them before.

You can expect to see the latest from the marketing and advertising world. AdWeek’s blog has various sections, including digital, creative-focused, branding, and they highlight articles from their print issues as well.

Must-read: “7 Ways Brands Can Win on Amazon This Holiday Season” is an excellent read for those in the eCommerce industry. Everyone and their moms use Amazon for a quick and easy shopping experience. With the holidays approaching, Amazon is the first line of relief for those avoiding the overcrowded shops and malls. Make sure you check out this article to get retail-ready. 

Content Marketing Institute

CMI is a leader in the marketing industry. Every year they have a huge conference that attracts all the industry movers and shakers, and not to mention they regularly release amazing data-backed reports about the state of the industry and what’s just on the horizon that marketers should be preparing for. 

So, it’s no wonder that CMI has one of the best marketing blogs out there. I always know I’m going to read something of quality and substance and come away with some brand new knowledge that inspires my content creation and evaluation process.

Must-read: “Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates” is an article that breaks down consumer performance and how you can influence that to see better conversion rates from your offerings. This article is pretty much a dream for any marketer, as achieving conversions is the whole point behind what we do. 

Email on Acid 

Email on Acid is a service that allows you to test how your email will render on just about every email client, browser, and operating system imaginable. Their blog offers a decent amount of information on email marketing, but where they really shine is their articles about email development.

Many of us develop emails through builders, but some features can only be achieved by hand-coding. If you want to create emails that innovate and are at the forefront of trends, Email on Acid can show you how.

Must-read: How to Code Search Bars in Emails” is an excellent article to create an extra layer of interactivity in your emails. A search bar directly into your email will drive engagement and lead to an increased ROI with only a little effort. This tutorial is well-written and easy to understand, with only a little bit of technical knowledge. A must-read for sure.


Through Moz’s software, you’re able to track your site’s SEO more effectively and zero in on how specific articles and pages are ranking online. Using one of Moz’s free SEO tools is a game-changer for your strategy, so if you aren’t using it currently, definitely do so asap. 

With its focus on SEO and marketing specifically, The Moz blog offers tons of comprehensive insight from industry thought leaders. But that’s not all. They also regularly post tips for branding, blogging, keyword research, link building, and social media, to name a few. The quality is great, too. No fluffy, filler content in sight. Only comprehensive tips and education that can benefit any modern marketer. You should go ahead and bookmark it or subscribe to their email updates. 

Must-read: “10 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore” cuts right to the chase. There are so many misconceptions around link building, and this article is all about debunking them so you can know exactly what to expect. 


Emma is an email marketing service that focuses beautifully branded, highly personalized emails. So, their blog naturally serves as a place to inspire and spark creativity within their readers. The Emma blog is lovely to look at, with beautifully designed illustrations that accompany each article. Their articles also feature lovely examples and data charts that help drive their ideas home in a visually compelling way.

Must-read: 3 Creative ideas to kickstart your 2019 holiday email marketing” gives great advice on how to start your marketing rounds for the big holiday shopping season, using sound data and lovely examples to back up their claims.


What marketer doesn’t want to improve their conversion rates? The answer is none. None marketers. Unbounce offers a landing page analyzer (it’s free!) to assist you with creating landing pages that actually convert.

When it comes to their blog, Unbounce covers everything related to landing pages and conversions (obviously). But they don’t stop there. They also offer tips on content marketing, SaaS, conferences, branding, and more. 

Must-read: 2019 Ecommerce Landing Page Best Practices (with 27 Examples)” is loaded with tips for a successful eCommerce landing page and examples to help you connect the dots more quickly. 


Intercom is a SaaS company that offers a customizable messaging suite aimed at capitalizing on customer touchpoints at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

I could write a full page on their visuals alone, but that aside, their blog is a wonderful place to go for insightful reads on various topics and areas within marketing. We’re talking design, storage, understanding your customers, and sales tips. Intercom nails it when it comes to a robust content calendar, which makes it an essential blog for various marketing professionals to read. 

Must-read:Who’s who: Understanding your business with customer segmentation” dissects what segmentation is and why doing so will help you truly understand your audience and therefore reach them and speak to them better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get to reading! These email marketing blogs will fill you with so much knowledge. You’ll feel unstoppable. From marketing tips to design, copy, and technical code, there’s a blog for you to learn every aspect of the digital marketing world.