SXSW was such an incredible experience. One, because I never thought I’d get to go on a spring break again and was thrilled to discover that Interactive was just adult spring break masquerading as a work event. Two, thanks to being surrounded by so many thoughtful, like-minded people who work in similar careers and were as anxious to impart some knowledge as they were to learn. I discovered things about myself, my job and a whole lot about marketing in general … taught directly by individuals who have reached career heights of which I can still only dream.

  1. It’s the small things: can you shake someone’s hand, show up on time, relate to executives … and the receptionist. Have people skills, relationship skills. That will carry you so much further than your talent. -Michael Farmer, Miami Heat (Digital Media Strategy for NBA Champion Teams)
  2. Live performing is like Groundhog Day. Even if you miss a line or comeback, you can learn from a moment and keep it in your back pocket to use when the situation arises again. – Brian Brushwood (Untold Stories Behind Success with Failure:Lab)
  3. Play matters. Mischief matters. It lets you light up the reward pathways of the brain. – Eamonn Carey (We Need More Mischief and Whimsy)


  1. So how do you get started?
    You have to try
    Have a personality
    Delight them
    Make your visuals sing
    It can be simple. Really simple. Example: Uber on Halloween, cars are witches on broomsticks
    Show empathy
    Be more human
    Manipulate existing things
    Create bliss
    The easiest way to be funny is to work with other people
    Don’t be a dick
    Be memorable
  2. 6 Reasons Marriages (and Email Relationships) Fail! – Hazel Swayne (Email is the Devil and Must Be Vanquished)
  3. Not taking responsibility
    Emotions and feelings no longer matter
    Carrying a lot from other relationships
    Oversharing kills intimacy
    Cheating out of boredom
    Not enough physical connection
  4. ”I solve consumer puzzles to create value for enterprises.” – Robert Malcolm (Launching A Brand)
  5. 3 Rules for branding:
  6. Get the message right first. Then get the message out. Don’t get the message out, before you get the message right.
    The best communications vehicle is the one your customer likes.
    Be consistent. Not just with the message, but with the actions that message is supposed to deliver.
  7. Focus on the user – not your industry. Know your unique proposition and work to bring that to everything that you do. For Bark, it was: dog as a lifestyle. They do it in each one of their divisions, BarkBox, BarkPost, BarkGood, etc. – Henrik Werdelin (Four Counterintuitive Methods to Build a Big Brand)
  8. Build compelling in-person events. Provide memorable and dynamic experiences. – Jason Townsend: NASA (Four Counterintuitive Methods to Build a Big Brand)
    Event participants come from local communities and go home sharing NASA content within their circles of influence.
    Convert casual space enthusiasts into collaborators who want to share what NASA is doing.
  9. Sucking Less When Presenting Creative – During The Presentation
    Show the creative in context: if it’s for mobile, show on phone
    Build story, not drama
  10. Beyond the Listicle: The Science of Virality
  11. ”The Dress” went viral, because the person who posted it to Twitter first was a fan of the band Paramore. A unique thing about that is that the band’s fans tend to friend one another on social media and they have a worldwide fanbase. So, usually there’s a local/geographic component that can limit sharing, but in this case it had a greater momentum than what can generally be expected.
  12. “We call that building a moat (protecting from competition). The best one you can build is a network. A community that supports what you’re doing. Try and avoid a feature battle or a price battle.” – Tom Gonser: Founder, CSO at DocuSign (The Building Blocks of Community with Product Hunt)