Boosting sales is a key to success, and effective marketing strategies are a key to boosting sales.

Learn about the most potentially effective innovative email marketing strategies recommended as core shots for the upcoming 2019.

This article aims to identify the most perspective email marketing strategies to be employed for boosting the revenue of a company in the next business year via highlights of triggers of their potential. The strategies will be discussed in terms of the main trends and priorities of the modern world of digital marketing.

Top Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales in 2019

Triggering Headlines to Be Honored and Employed

Are you still in a doubt whether headlines can trigger your sales?

The Return On Investment (ROI) on email marketing is, on average, 38:1. That means you can earn $38 for every $1.00 spent.

No more doubts now, right?

Awesome, cause we have a list of working tips for you to add this tool to effective daily use.

Every perspective of response starts with the first words a receiver sees. As a rule, it is a headline in the context of email marketing. Having trouble with a headline is not a failure, but a high time to learn the strategy: be concise, be flamboyant, mean it. Do not overwhelm a reader with information – headlines are to attract attention, not to give every single detail.

Triggering headline leads to reading further, which means that it should refer to the reader’s needs, values, or current emotions. Actually, it is emotions that are responsible primarily for the interaction with the target audience. Once a constructive reference to emotions is implemented in a message of the headline, it is easier to engage the target audience. The potential use of the following email is another substantial power that should be incorporated in the headline if there is a real benefit in the message, in particular, and the offer, in general:

Captivating subject lines

It is also crucial to literally imply what a headline says: there will be no efficiency if headlines have no actions or quality behind them.

One more important aspect of a functional headline is that it should not be excessively long. There is no need to build a complete sentence, but a phrase should evoke emotions and create a particular impression, scene, or atmosphere.

As a rule, creating an atmosphere implies invitation for a person in a world that atmosphere embodies, and people love being invited to a different reality or being offered an alternative to something they already have or have already experienced. Emotions mean new experiences and opportunities in the given context, whereas basically every offer is a promise. Make this promise concise and tempting by answering the following question: would this headline trigger my own interest?

Several examples of working headlines are here for you:

  • Stating the Obvious: Constructive Analysis vs Personal Opinion in the Ar
  • No Sales – Justified, yet Affordable Prices only
  • The Art of Being Persuasive and Efficient
  • Religious Matters: Believing in or Following the Schedule.

Welcome Interactive Emails to Regular Use

Interactivity in terms of email sent with a business-oriented purpose implies engagement, participation, different kinds of activity from a receiver. Interactive triggers that can be employed in such emails involve swiping, tapping, or responding to the content provided.

Interactive email triggers

These activities vary from clicking a button to actual instant purchase or subscription. Some businesses prefer only informing their customers via emails, whereas others make a real profit due to the given marketing tool.

Apparently, the latter case is an example of big corporations with a well-known name and crystal clean reputation when it comes to quality and integrity issues. If a company is newly born or is not recognized widely, it is recommended to employ informative and entertaining e-mails so as to avoid pressuring the target audience with constant claims to buy or visit since such patterns can result in unsubscribing or even blocking the sender.

It is crucial to choose the type of interaction that will be perceived as a comfortable and suitable one for the target audience, not a burdening or annoying kind of interaction. Interaction should be presented in the light form: not an obligation, but an entertainment since customers strive to have fun above all the rest. Entertainment comes first, and only then being informed and curiosity appear on the radar. Take a look: “91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive and visual content.” Once this is established, let us underline some crucial aspects:

  • Build your brand on inspiration and vividness, and make sure emails are no different:

Quora email

Quora email digest

  • We strongly recommend using innovative techniques such as digital scratch cards or offering a fun deal (nothing complicated or creepy, just a game):

  • Personalizing every message will get you profits, loyal customers, and reputation.

The examples of such interaction in e-mails are as follows:

Momiverse Editorial subject line

It makes the impression that this particular email is addressed directly to me. People, tend to react better when they see their names.

Video Content: How to Make a Difference

Video captures attention immediately, it is known. As Biteable claims, people prefer watching videos to reading texts, especially when those are long ones.

The ultimate secret of effective videos used all over the profitable companies is as follows: it is crucial to make an impactful, vivid image that triggers interests and simultaneously appeals in terms of esthetics, and link it to the video. The visual element can surprise people, make them smile or wonder, in any case, the main task here is to enter the emotional area of the target audience. Again.

Experts recommend mentioning the word “video” in the subject line, keep this subject line sweet and short, and remember about viral qualities necessary for success in this domain. Apart from it, do not make mysterious assumptions or vague suggestion: the call to action should be impeccably clear.

Nevertheless, sending an excellent video with an attractive visual basic element is not enough. We recommend placing this video as a central element within a bigger context. Remember: you do not want the text to be too long and your message – too redundant. Just put some highlights and outline core points of what it’s all about.

Concerning the impeccably clear call to action, emails from Jobs for Editors tend to have it:

Jobs for Editors video email marketing

No Hints to Spam: Natural and Effective

Spam is the worst threat to your business in terms of digital marketing one could have ever imagined. First of all, it is necessary to avoid all the spam words that can be recognized as spam. It is strongly recommended to steer clear of conventional phrases marking it is a matter of business offer sent to numerous receivers. Spam is one thing when it is recognized by the system and quite another one when a receiver marks it as one. Therefore, do everything possible in order to gain and sustain the loyalty of the target audience.

A visual aspect is also important in the given context. To be more precise, it is recommended to pick a particular color and font for your brand so as to make it recognizable and distinguish it from the pile of other emails aiming to conquer attention of the target audience:

Jobs for Editors email

A piece of alarming statistics: an average person tends to receive approximately 88 e-mails per day. Impressive, right? Remember that branding your e-mails is like branding your products or services: it may look like a small aspect right now, but it will repay you in the long run significantly. Make sure that both chosen font and color are relevant to your mission, vision, positioning and values. It is important in the world of business to make a holistic impression.

Words triggering spam status to be avoided include “buy,” “order,” “order status,” “scores,” “stakes,” “additional income,” “beneficiary,” “be your own boss,” “cash,” “work at home,” “make $ while you sleep,” “cheap,” “credit,” “insurance,” “price,” “profits,” etc

Infographics as It Is in Email Marketing

A call to action is your major weapon for email marketers. You may already know that.

What you might not know is that a traditional point for placing your call to action, namely, the end of the letter, is often a major reason of e-mail’s failure, especially when there are two or more sections in the letter.

An optimal solution for this dilemma is to have a call to action for each section. One more thing about emails with several sections: you need to mark them appropriately and vividly. It does not mean that you should use multiple colors, fonts or images – no way, that is a definite taboo. A smart way to mark different sections for reader’s convenience is to use constructive icons. Requirements to those icons: they should reflect the theme of the section, have a consistent style, and be smartly structured. Black and white colors are a classic solution provided you are in a serious business niche or do not want to mess with multicolored content.

Nevertheless, classic is not always a go. Try using an unconventional layout since this will both distinguish your email from others and at the same time will increase chances to draw the attention of a receiver to the headlines of sections. In such a way, there will be more chances to interest him or her and engage. Finally, a template is a smart decision in terms of infographics. Approximately 80% of the receivers tend to only skim the letter, not read it thoroughly. Hence, an infographic can become your advantage for catching their attention at first and sustaining the interest further on.

Here is an example of a smart infographic:


We wish you good luck in battles located in the area of digital marketing. Be smart, be concise, and be consistent!