Lindsay Lohan is a role model. Not just to pseudo-anorexic punklet girls with disconcerting propensities to committing staggering stupidities when inebriated, but to our entire culture. While just a decade or so ago it was considered career suicide to engage in a public act so controversial that it would cause scorn to be piled on your name and reputation, it has now metastasized into a smart career move. Just like every hauling into court of the hapless Ms. Lohan triggers even more offers for roles in major motion pictures and pinups with million dollar paychecks, talking online trash about your previous employer does the exact opposite of placing you in the unemployable category, but turns you overnight into an in-demand cybercelebrity. With the recent barrage of scandalous “revelations” by vociferous scum-stirring ex- (or soon to be ex-) employees, this trend seems to be reaching epidemic levels where the losers are the targeted employers, not the disgruntled employees.

The Revelations May Not Be New, but They Certainly Draw Attention

Joe Muto has been slagging off Fox News; Carol Bartz crucified Yahoo!; Greg Smith lambasted Goldman Sachs; and Keith Olbermann… well, he is caught in an endless cycle of strident keelhauling excoriations against anyone who even hires him to mow their lawns, but that’s Keith for you. Even though these tell-talers are really not revealing anything that anyone with a third grade education can’t figure out by themselves, such as Goldman Sachs making illegitimate profits on the backs of their clients or that Fox News leans to the right, it is the very act of the “inside revelation” that draws massive attention and a cascade of re-tweets. In a world where the old show biz cliché has become an end unto itself and it really doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as they spell your name right, the shortcut to notoriety and the fame and fortune that comes with it is as close as your WordPress login… as long as you can air the dirty laundry of a sufficiently well-known corporate entity.

Bridge-Burners Ignoring Conventional Wisdom

These bridge-burners are ignoring the conventional wisdom that states that kicking your former employer in the shins isn’t the wisest strategy because:

  • You’ll become a pariah, scaring off any employer who is interested in having you anywhere above the mail room.
  • You will do more damage to your reputation than you are doing to the company’s, as you’ll appear to be an ankle-biting sour-grapes flamer.
  • You will convince all the detractors who have thought you were a jerk that they were absolutely right all along.

Vituperative Disparagers Parlaying Their Castigative Harangues

However, conventional wisdom has been turned on its head due to the fact that the vituperative disparagers can parlay their castigative harangues into lucrative gigs leveraging their public personas into slightly less-cute versions of Erin Brockovich. There is no end to the career path of anyone who has managed to tap into the public illusion that the Illuminati-MegaCorporate-Monopolist demons are all conspiring to enslave us all in a Matrixial mental milking. Even though their “evidence” is often as flimsy as the blurry photos of brontosauri swimming across the waters of Loch Ness or Okanagan, it matters not one whit. Someone has to stand up against the real or imagined violations of the public welfare by these corporate Shaitans, and if you can make enough of a case that you are that elite messiah, get ready to buy that Bentley you’ve been drooling over with your latest blog’s AdSense payment.

Due to the fact that social media participation is forcing previously secretive C-Suites to become as open and transparent as charities and little league organizers, there is an additional possible career path for these reprimanding rebukers. It is not beyond imagining that some CEO will want to appoint a well-known chastising critic to a haughty position to buy the trust of their customer base. After all, if that company was up to no good, the knight in shining cyberarmor would soon pick up the sword of their cutting prose and chop their reputation down to size!