How should I use an Ezine in my business?

The term ‘ezine’ stands for electronic magazine. If you simply replace ‘maga’ from magazine, with an ‘e,’ you get the term ‘ezine’. In terms of features, an ezine is similar to a magazine in the sense that one has to subscribe to ezines to read them. For example, if a person wants recipes for soups, they can search on the Internet for an ezine that discusses cooking or specifically talks about soups. Like magazines, ezines also cater to a group of special clients.

Readers subscribe to ezines out of interest or when they require guidance about something very specific. When you sign up for an ezine campaign, it’s like becoming part of a club because you are with people who have interests similar to yours.

One difference between ezines and magazines is that ezines are usually free of charge. You can publish an ezine on almost anything; ezine topics range from interior designing, spirituality, education to sports.

So how can you use an ezine for your business? For a start, you should know that high quality content and reliability form the lifeblood of ezines. When executed properly, an ezine campaign can really give your business a big boost. It can significantly increase the flow of traffic to your website, the main hub of your products or services, thereby increasing your sales. However, this process is easier said than done.

As mentioned above, the quality of the content plays a big role in the success of your campaign. As the publisher, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the content you publish is nothing less than the very best.

So what should your ezine include? You can provide the latest news, informative and useful articles, surveys, opinion polls and lots more. To make it a bit more interesting and appealing, you can add a fun element through jokes or comic strips. Irrespective of what you publish, it should compel your recipient to take the steps that you suggest.

If you aren’t comfortable publishing an ezine on your own, you can use the services of Benchmark Email, a professional email marketing company. Benchmark Email offers customizable templates and even manages the campaign completely. Their services range from sending emails to analyzing customer data. This makes it possible for you to spend more time researching a particular topic while Benchmark Email handles all the technical aspects.

Through ezines, you can stay in touch with your clients and build strong and lasting relationships with them. Besides, you can also try and build your customer base. All told, an ezine can be a powerful tool in your marketing armory.

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by Benchmark Team