Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just send your promotional emails to anyone? Yes and no. This fairytale may free you from the consequences that come along with spam complaints, but it also promises a very grim end. Being able to target a smaller, more focused list of users is part of the beauty of opt-in email marketing. When done correctly, it benefits both the marketer and the subscriber.

More Responses and Conversions

In spite of their persistent, never-say-die attitude, most spammers enjoy very little success aside from annoying email recipients with each message they send. Internet users have learned to identify these messages and ignore the people who send them simply because they didn’t ask to receive those communications. Opt-in email marketing is all about communicating with people who have willingly entered the email relationship with you. They obviously want to hear from you and this factor alone makes them more likely to open, read and react to your message.

Targeted Communications for Better Results

The benefit opting-in offers to both marketer and subscriber can also be seen in the ability to target communications. This factor directly relates to the potential for more opens, reads and responses. Having a list of interested subscribers puts you in the position to place them in smaller groups and target them accordingly. Those segments could be comprised of people who recently purchased the same item, live in the same area, or even share the same level of interest in your campaigns. The possibilities for making sure your communications are as focused as possible are endless. Without an opt-in, those addresses are just faceless numbers.

The Key to a Solid Reputation

Opt-in email marketing is the only way to go for marketers who care about creating and maintaining a good reputation. Your subscribers are far less likely to complain to their ISP about spam when you play this game by the book and follow the best practices. It is a simple game really: maintain a healthy list, don’t overload them with email, and deliver value all the time. When you understand the importance of the little things, you can make sure your reputation stays in good shape. As an added benefit, your subscribers will be glad they joined the party.


Opt-in email marketing should not be viewed as merely an option, but a must. In fact, this practice is actually a law in many countries, one that carries stiff penalties if not followed. While opt-in marketing can be challenging, it does not have to be a grueling undertaking. It is all about knowing what it takes to make an impact with your message and stay out of trouble. Educate yourself on these lessons, and your email campaigns will continually deliver benefits to all parties involved.