Coming up with effective email marketing copy can be a frustrating experience. The formula that sells is a blend of getting your readers to understand your offer and giving them a clear way to get back to you.

To successfully create the perfect formula, here are some tried and tested tips you should be aware of before you begin writing copy!

1 Picture your audience

Always keep your target audience in mind. Give your audience a bit of background; picture how they spend their day, what’s important to them, their age, what they have bought from you and their reasons for doing so. This makes your copy relevant and targeted.

2. Follow an objective

When you have an objective in mind, you can provide your readers with a clear view about your offers. Your objective should come across casually but firmly and not seem overly formal. Write about your products and services the way you would speak about it with a friend.

3. Explain the benefits

One of the most important tips for writing great copy is to highlight the benefits of your offerings. Enlist all the ways in which your offer benefits readers and ensure these advantages stand out in your copy. Your readers are spending precious time to read what you have to say; you have to let them know that it is worth their while.

4. Use subheads and bullets

Nobody is interested in reading a page long sermon about what you have to offer. Get to the point, and get there fast. Subheads are a great way to make readers focus on important details. Bullets allow readers to get a quick idea of what you are selling. With subheads and bullets, readers are able to quickly get an idea of what you are talking about by simply glancing at your marketing copy.

5. Use effective Subject Line

Pay attention to your subject lines and your headlines. Make sure your subject line communicates your email message precisely. Keep it short and sweet. Ensure your headline is a real attention grabber. Remember, your heading is what compels your reader to read further. Tip: create your subject line and heading after you have finished your email body for better results.

6. Make use of testimonials

Customer quotes and testimonials are an excellent way to sell what you are offering! Make sure the customer quote that you include explains why the customer loves your product or service. Also include your customer’s name and other relevant details, as this makes your testimonial more credible.

7. Be unique

In this competitive era, the uniqueness of your offering plays a large role in your success. A run of the mill offer will not interest your readers. The more unique your offer is, the more it will intrigue and excite your readers. So make sure your offerings are distinct, one of a kind and stand out.

8. Be positive

When writing marketing copy, avoid using words such as ‘hope’, ‘ish’, ‘try’ and ‘perhaps’. Instead, use direct and positive words such as ‘will’ and ‘can’. Such words make your readers trust your offers and go a long way towards making them believe in what you have to say.

Keep these points in mind and you’re sure to sell your email copy! If you can think of any other pointers, let us know!