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Benchmark Team

New Easy List App Collects Email Addresses Right from Your Laptop

Apr 26 2012, 12:50 PM by

Benchmark Email’s latest FREE feature allows you to collect email contacts directly from your desktop computer. Use it wherever your prospective subscribers are: at trade shows, conventions, checkout counters, points of sale, picnics - anywhere!

The Easy List App can be installed on any desktop computer (Windows/Mac OS X), and an iPad version is already underway. Best of all, you can use this app even when your computer is offline. Easy List stores the email addresses of your signups and uploads them to your Benchmark account as soon as you reconnect to the internet.

The gears icon in the top right corner allows you to access your settings, and the following highlights will introduce you to the main features. For installation and setup instructions, check out the Easy List FAQ!
Wallpaper Screen
Choose the background image for your Benchmark Desktop App. This image will appear behind your signup screen.
Account Screen
When you first enter the app, you will need to log in. Enter your Benchmark account User Name and Password here. To use another Benchmark account, press the green Disconnect button and sign in with another User Name and Password.
Options Screen
Contact Lists: Click the scroll bar to choose which of your Benchmark contact lists you’d like signups to be added to.
Double Opt In? This checkbox is located under the Contact Lists field. If you select this option, any new contacts that sign up to your form will be sent an email that verifies they want to be on your contact list. This will happen as soon as you connect to the internet.
Fields: The three form fields will be what your contacts see when they sign up. Your “Company Name” is the name of your company. The “Headline” appears below the Company Name and your “Descriptive Text” explains what contacts are signing up for. You can also include information for how often they will be emailed.
Lock Screen
Set the option to “On” to lock your signup screen. A password ensures that users cannot close out of the signup form or see your desktop content.

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Romeo Lascano

Apr 26 2012, 06:05 PM

It would be better if you can also ask for client contact phone number and/or address so you can build a more complete client data base