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Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing Blog

Hal Licino

Crafting Effective Dental Email Subject Lines & Preheaders

Aug 16 2011, 07:12 PM by

Condensing your writing is a key factor in improving the efficiency of your Dental & Orthodontic email newsletters. Especially as we transition into an age where social media constitutes one of the primary channels to engage your clinic's patients and prospects, you have to be able to state your points clearly and concisely, or not at all. In the case of many email marketing factors such as subject lines and preheaders you are working with a very limited number of characters. It can seem next to impossible to cram even just the essence of your message into these precious few words. The important aspect to keep foremost in your mind is that you shouldn't fight the character count, but leverage it to inspire you to achieve better, shorter and more efficient writing.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Email Design & Templates, Dental & Orthodontic

Hal Licino

Manage Spam Complaints against Your Dental or Orthodontic Business

Jun 24 2011, 04:55 PM by

Receiving Spam Complaints is an inescapable element of being an email marketer. Your Dental or Orthodontic clinic can apply the highest level of email best practices and still receive Spam Complaints. The basic email industry threshold is one spam complaint for each 1,000 messages sent. If your marketing process exceeds that level your Dental or Orthodontic business may very well be facing the possibility of email blocking or outright blacklisting. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your outgoing emails will receive as few Spam Complaints as possible.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Dental & Orthodontic

Hal Licino

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Clinic Ride Out This Economy

Jun 14 2011, 07:59 PM by

Are we in a recovery, is this the second dip of the recession, or does anyone really know what’s going on with the American economy? The prognostications by the various financial gurus have never been in greater disagreement. One thing is certain, though: Building equity through home ownership, once central to The American Way, has been challenged by recent economic developments. The number of homeowners in America is continuing to plummet and with the loss to foreclosures and surrenders, the essential underpinning of public wealth is diminishing. This factor has affected Dental and Orthodontic practices throughout the country, as many of the services offered can be termed “high-ticket items,” and with belt-tightening comes the stalling or outright cancellation of necessary dental treatments. These are proven successful approaches you can use in your email marketing campaigns to appeal to your financially squeezed consumer:

Posted in Tips & Resources, Dental & Orthodontic

Hal Licino

Boost Your Dentistry Subscription List with These Top 10 Tips

Jun 03 2011, 07:00 PM by

The process of growing your email newsletter subscription list is so central to the overall success of your online marketing strategy that dental and orthodontic practices should commit to doing everything in their power to optimize current customer communications and continue to increase their subscriber base. Here are the top ten ways to leverage your patient communication contact opportunities to boost your email newsletter subscription list.

Posted in Tips & Resources, Lists & Signup Forms, Social Media, Dental & Orthodontic