For the busy, multitasking mom there never seems to be enough hours in a day. As a mom whose professional art career developed during my kids’ naptime, and in-between loads of laundry, I know this from experience.

Multitasking is a buzzword these days. People who believe they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously at once are multitasking. With all my blogging, painting and social media work, I am sometimes guilty of this myself.

Nevertheless, studies by psychologists have shown that multitaskers actually take longer to complete tasks and are predisposed to error. The bottom line is, multitasking is unhealthy.

So what’s a busy mom to do? How can she get anything accomplished in her day without multitasking?

Here Are a Few Helpful Tips:

  1. To-Do List: Keeping a To-Do list seems basic, but surprisingly many moms fail to take time to write things down. If you find yourself forgetting something important, or even just milk at the grocery store, you are a good contender for a To-Do list. It’s easy and worth the effort. List everything you have to do for the day, and then for the week. Prioritize your list of tasks in order of importance. When a chore gets done, check it off the list to further the feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Be Organized: Now that you have your To-Do list in place, it is helpful to stay organized. Clean up at the end of any kind of household or home office work session. Organize your projects so you are not shuffling around wasting time. Your productivity will increase and stress will lessen when you are organized.
  3. Work Sequentially: Once you start tackling tasks and projects, it is best to work sequentially, in an ordered sequence. Concentrating on one task at a time allows the brain to restart and refocus.
  4. Self-Discipline: In order for the busy mom to accomplish projects and tasks throughout the day she must cultivate self-discipline. Taking care of children and a household is hard work.Self-discipline keeps an active mom on task. Self-discipline is especially a must for the mom who runs a home-based business.
  5. Limit Distractions: Oftentimes multitasking begins with distractions. Distractions may include phone calls, television, the internet, social media, and even spouses, partners and children. These distractions cause our attention to spread and increase inattention to detail.
  6. Work in Small Increments: Efficient moms know how to make the best of spare moments. Have you ever told yourself, “I’ve only got five minutes” and then been stunned at just how much you were able to do in those few minutes?For moms who are limited for time, work on a task for ”just five minutes.”
  7. Build Clear Boundaries: It important for the busy mom to build clear boundaries. Do your best to set work hours for chores or your home business and stick with them. It is helpful to surround yourself with people who honor your boundaries and support your dreams.
  8. Make Time for You: Motherhood is a rewarding but an exhausting experience. It is important for a mom to replenish her energy levels. The best way is to create some alone time. Make an effort to give yourself at least one night off per week. Use this time to do something you enjoy. Read a book, rent a movie, go out to dinner with your spouse or friend or simply take a relaxing bath.

Developing simple rituals like these can help the tired mom find balance, which will fend off exhaustion and multitasking.