Email marketing is an effective channel to use for communication with groups of all sizes. Emails are easy to write and send and are unintrusive for the recipient. Because of this, sending bulk emails has become a popular way to scale marketing efforts. 

But how do you send bulk emails? And how do you know if this strategy is right for your company? 

We’ll provide answers to all these and more in this piece. Let’s jump in.

What is Bulk Email Sending?

Bulk email sending refers to sending an email communication which can be a newsletter, product announcement, promotional email, or nurture email series, amongst others, to many subscribers in your list simultaneously.

Sometimes referred to as email blasts and mass emails, bulk email sending is used by business owners and marketing specialists worldwide. You can use bulk email sending and enjoy the benefits of email marketing in one go without having to duplicate efforts of sending the same email repeatedly to different contacts.

The Specific Needs of Those with Large Email Lists

As a business owner with an extensive email subscriber list, you have other concerns besides the apparent benefits email marketing offers. These are:

Reliable Support

From concerns about the deliverability of the emails you send to tips for managing your many contacts, data security, email security, email marketing strategies to employ, and many more, you want email marketing software that provides the proper support.

At Benchmark email, we don’t just provide you with email marketing software that takes care of your bulk email needs. We provide you with reliable support and a team of experts that guide you to success in your email marketing journey.

Dependable Email Deliverability

Improving email deliverability is one of your concerns as a business owner managing an extensive contacts database. You don’t want your emails to end up in the spam folder and want to make sure your emails are relevant to your audience.

The Smart Sending feature of Benchmark Email, powered by AI and ML, maximizes your emails’ deliverability. It helps you improve engagement by only sending emails to contacts who are receptive to your email communications. You also get a dedicated IP address and can monitor email deliverability.  

Data Privacy and Security

Data privacy and security have been a major focus in recent years. As a result, this should be a top priority for you as a business owner and marketer. You don’t want to violate any data collection and storage policy, and you also want to ensure that your subscribers’ information is safe.

Our software considers that concern for you. Benchmark Email is compliant with GDPR & CCPA. We keep your data secure with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield certifications. Your data privacy is ensured with TLS data encryption and kept safe from breaches with continuous attack surface monitoring.

For businesses that need to send and receive sensitive customer communication quickly, a reliable email hosting service can be an extra option that you should consider. This will provide an additional layer of security, and you can always rely on a better uptime where critical communication is not lost or delayed.

Tips For Sending Emails Bulk Emails

Beyond choosing the right email marketing solution for your bulk emails, you need to maximize each email you send for the best results. Below are tips you can implement to improve the effectiveness of your mass emails.


Although you aim to send an email to all your contacts simultaneously, you can’t deny the obvious benefits of segmentation in your email blasts. In your contacts database are subscribers with separate world views, needs, and problems, and they are all in different stages of their buyer journey.

Your mass email becomes optimized for effectiveness if you can group contacts within your list based on shared attributes and target each segment with relevant information. This, in turn, increases your email marketing ROI.


Personalization is an offshoot of segmentation. After grouping contacts with shared attributes to form separate segments within your list, go on to customize your email with dynamic content that is personalized to each segment of your contact list.

As a result, you are sending just one email with personalized content relevant to each segment of your email contacts list.

List Maintenance

To ensure your email metrics are up to par and your email deliverability isn’t negatively impacted, you must devise a process for maintaining your contacts list. Prune your list and eliminate inactive contacts from time to time to avoid negatively impacting your email deliverability.

With our Smart Sending AI, inactive contacts and non-engaging subscribers aren’t a problem. The feature ensures your emails are sent to only contacts who are more likely to interact and engage with the email you send user data from previous email campaigns.

As a result, inactive and dormant subscribers are left out, saving you the headache of worrying about being marked as spam by uninterested subscribers.

Effective Email Copy

Beyond a powerful subject line and all the other technical setup that goes into each marketing email, your email content is just as important to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in your communications.

Hiring a good writer/copywriter is key, but what if we could take care of that for you? Benchmark Email’s Smart Content feature assists you with marketing content using your keywords or a few sentences. It can also help with content rewrites to ensure proper optimization for conversions.

Whether you are worried about email deliverability, data privacy, and security, data policy compliance, or need help with email marketing strategies for your many contacts, Benchmark Email takes care of all of your concerns to help you get the best results for your bulk email marketing efforts.