Now that you know about why campaign-driven newsletters are a marketing win, it’s time to put pen to paper and plan how you’re going to execute your next newsletter campaign.

In the last post, we talked a bit about drip campaigns but we didn’t get into how to actually plan out your drip email marketing campaign. A drip campaign was a series of sales emails that are spaced out in their delivery and their message, but which all serve a common goal.

Newsletter Planning: Drip Campaigns

You might have seen drip campaigns with organizations that are looking to fundraise or draw attention to an event. You’ll see the same focused message – with the goal of getting a donation or selling a ticket – sent several times in a few different. So, say one email campaign might be announcing an event. A second newsletter in that campaign might feature the host or a speaker with some background on who they are. The goal is still selling that ticket or getting a donation, so you’ll see a couple calls to action. The same calls to action will pop up again in a third newsletter around the same campaign. This time we’re talking about some VIP attendees, or the caterer and the venue. Before an event actually occurs, you might have 5 email campaigns going out about the event, trying to generate both buzz and attendance.

Newsletter Planning: Curated Newsletters

You may not always have an event going on to center your drip campaigns around. For those of you scrambling to come up with new creative ideas around newsletters, consider curated newsletters. Curated newsletters gives you an automated approach to newsletters. In the middle of all the other amazing things you do that you could be talking about in a newsletter, a curated newsletter lets you think about one less thing while still meeting your marketing goals – which might be to get out some sort of newsletter series or one newsletter a day.

The curated newsletter is also about really showing your industry knowledge while also catering completely to the subscriber. These types of creative newsletters aggregate interesting or trending findings on the web. It’s popular or niche content that your subscriber may not have found or had time to find, but which you’re not presenting to them. That ability to cater to your audience needs makes your company or organization that much more worth it to your subscriber.

A curated newsletter is a lot like, for example. However, in my opinion, it’s better than because you’re rewarding your subscribers directly where they are with great content. They don’t need to subscribe to anything else, click anywhere else; they’re getting what they opted in for right where they are…which will also help stimulate them to read the other amazing newsletters you’re going to send in-between your weekly or monthly curated email campaign.

Newsletter Planning: Promotional Campaigns

Along the same lines of curated email campaigns, promotional campaigns allow you to approach email marketing with a necessary level of automation. Promotional campaigns work best with product related industries, like retail, where businesses can really dig into the product.

So rather than sending out another boring self-interested email campaign that pushes a product and rattles an exclusive coupon, the promotional campaign takes one product and tells it story. You can look into how the product is made, where it is sourced from, and really speak to the heart of the product your selling and the business you’ve established. It’s a great way to build a heart-led business, which your business-led mind knows does very well when it comes to sales.