pon having learned that Walt Disney’s own social media prince is developing a social media curriculum for Chapman University, I got to thinking about what the rest of us might do. What do you do in the trenches of daily business when you don’t have the luxury of going back to school? For starters, take advantage of every free opportunity to educate yourself. Coursera, for example, offers free digital learning courses from prestigious universities around the world. Secondly, take advantage of key highlights of a custom social media road map designed for the small business user. Let’s start with Facebook. There have been a lot of recent changes with Facebook. One of these changes is the ability to tailor your personal page much like you can your business page. Start by creating “lists.”

Facebooking Tips:

  • Create Lists. With “lists” you can organize your friends into categories which is really helpful in reviewing updates from a select group of friends. Conventionally, this was created so people could separate friends from family. But from a marketing perspective, especially if you have a lot of friends or selective use your personal profile to brand yourself, you can use lists to selectively communicate with key people. You can also use lists to check out on lists you should be creating for competitors, local pages, clients, etc. This way, you’re not wasting your time through hundreds if not an eventual thousands of friends. To create lists, go to your “Home Page”, and on your left hand column, you’ll see “Lists”. Hover over the area, click “More” and manage your lists by creating new one and adding contacts to it.
  • Subscribe by “Following.” Some users have enabled a subscription “follow” button that allows you to keep abreast with public posts made by that user without needing to rely on a friendship and foregoing privacy on either side. Make sure you enable this feature for yourself. As your brand develops, many followers will want to follow “YOU” rather than your company page. This happens all the time and it’s a testimony to the power of personality branding. Make sure you try and follow or subscribe to your competitions. It’s always important to know what they’re up to so you can stay one step ahead.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Business Page. Facebook recently dramatically altered the anatomy of a business profile. You can now treat your business page like a second identity by ‘becoming your business page’. For starters, under “notifications”, you can see who’s been interacting with your business page. This allows you to check the updates to see who has posted on your wall or replied to a link you shared. This feature wasn’t there before, which really stunted your page growth by cutting short opportunities you interact simply because you didn’t get notifications like you did on your private page. Make sure you always respond to questions, follow up on comments, and ask questions.
  • Curate Content. Your business page isn’t just about your business. It’s about the industry, local events, and more. The same ethics of blogging (i.e., do not be selfish) applies to your Facebook business page. Encourage followers to interact with your page by asking questions, sharing industry updates, interesting stories…it should be about you as much as it is about your passion.

This is really important as the next evolution in Facebook is the ability to see who the trendsetters are across every industry. Soon, it won’t just be about how many followers you have or how big you are, it’s about how much they interact with you, how active you are, and what you bring to the social media table.