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Benchmark Email has partnered with MainStreetChamber to bring its members FREE List Plan 1K Accounts. Simply sign up with the form on the right, pick your chapter from the dropdown bar and create your Benchmark Email account. With this plan, you can upload up to 1,000 contacts and send professional email campaigns with our award-winning email editor at absolutely no charge.

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Benchmark's email marketing services include:

  • Comprehensive social networking integration
  • Complete tracking & reporting options
  • 400+ Multimedia Capable Email Templates
  • Fully interactive surveys & polling forms
  • Thorough contact list management tools
  • Professional segmentation capabilities
  • Expert testing facilities
  • Real-time campaign analysis for instantaneous feedback
  • Correlation with Google Analytics
  • Extended hours for online/live call coaching & support


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Interesting Facts

The Direct Marketing Association consistently ranks email marketing ROI as over $40 per dollar invested. Compare that to traditional media (direct mail, newspaper advertisements) whose audiences are slowly diminishing and whose impacts cannot be tracked. With email metrics, you can not only analyze who opened your message but also who didn’t receive it, who’s sharing it on social media and where in the world they’re clicking from. You can now put all these services to use, absolutely free.