As an email marketer, your first job is to build an opt-in email list. Without this list there is no way to send out your email newsletters. If you are building an opt-in list for the first time, don’t worry. Take a look at some great tips to help you compile a fantastic opt-in list!

1. Create a website

Creating a website is a pretty simple thing to do. It can even be done for free. Once you create your website you can request visitors to register with you and thus get them to sign up.

2. Prominent Opt-ins

Place prominent opt-in forms where ever you think potentials may see it. People do not have to time to hunt for your sign in forms. Place these forms in easy to see locations.

3. Write an E-book or E-report

An E-book or E-report is a great way to get potential customers to visit your website. In this way they will be motivated to sign up for your newsletter.

4. Guest-write blogs

A lot of blogs permit guest writers to place articles on their blogs along with a link leading to their website. This technique is excellent for gaining publicity.

5. Use ezine directories

Get yourself listed in ezine directories. The best part is, this option requires no subscribers and is usually a free service! So make the most of it and get listed now!

6. Give out freebies

Give out free stuff to your potential clients. Give away free screensavers, games, ebooks and more on your website. Place a sign up box on your website so that people checking out your freebies know they can register for your newsletters.

7. Submit your writing

Make use of online magazines that accept your writing and if possible place a link leading to more information. You can also publish an online newsletter. There are lots of services that help you do this.

8. Provide quality information

Your newsletters should contain interesting and well written quality content. Good content is the best motivator for getting people to sign up.

9. Provide quick opt-out

Provide a simple and quick process for opting out. This encourages people to take a chance on signing up.

10. Find a partner

It could be beneficial if you found a partner with similar interests to build an opt-in list with. This could lead to shared expenses, sharing of the list and better profits.

Can you think of any more tips to build an opt-in email list? Tell us about them!