Good prospecting leads to good business.

Prospecting is what brings you to the attention of your potential clients and keeps your sales pipeline full, leading to more business.

But it is not as easy as sending a simple message randomly to people. Most sales reps consider prospecting to be the toughest part of the sales process.

So, how do you get your sales prospecting process bang on?

How do you know which prospects are good enough to approach? Where and how to approach them? How to track them and convert them?

This is where sales prospecting tools come in as a savior for all sales reps.

These tools allow you to control the entire sales process more easily and effectively. And today, we will share some of the best sales prospecting tools and how they can help you ace your sales game!

Before jumping on the massive list of sales prospecting tools, let’s first understand what exactly sales prospecting is.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the practice of gathering further information about potential leads who have expressed interest in your company’s product or service.

It contributes to the development of the sales pipeline and moves you one step closer to gaining potential clients. Prospecting is an essential component of your business and marketing plan.

Sales prospecting can help you gain competitive insights, boost your sales team’s productivity, enlarge your sales pipeline, and lower acquisition costs.

Top Sales Prospecting Tools for 2023

Here’s a list of the best tools that will make sales prospecting much easier and more efficient. We have categorized these tools into 6 categories as follows –

  • Tools for Building a Prospect List
  • Tools to Find Contact Details
  • Tools to Qualify Prospects
  • Tools for Sales Engagement
  • Sales Engagement Tools for Gmail & Outlook
  • Tools for Scheduling Meetings
  • Tools for LinkedIn Prospecting

Tools for Building a Prospect List

1. BenchmarkONE

BenchmarkONE is an integrated CRM and marketing automation tool that makes managing and maintaining both existing and potential customers easier.

With the Lead Collector Chrome extension, prospecting has never been easier. BenchmarkONE users can simply install the Chrome extension and instantly add new leads to their BenchmarkONE CRM from any web page – including popular social networking sites.

As you fill your pipeline in BenchmarkONE, marketing automation kicks-off intelligent email nurturing campaigns to increase sales. Easily manage contacts, improve response rates, and track your success at a glance. It’s also worth noting that with unlimited users in every plan, the BenchmarkONE CRM is a cost-effective substitute for complex sales and marketing software solutions, like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Being integrated into a marketing solution, it provides a more comprehensive picture of your contacts. You can also use marketing automation to fill in the gaps in corporate operations and data. Overall, the robust features of the tool enable you to keep and track prospects and current clients more efficiently.

Apart from that, landing pages and pop-up forms help you generate more leads from your website and convert them into customers.

Key Features:

  • Social media prospection
  • Customer acquisition
  • Communication management
  • Engagement management
  • Contact list management
  • Landing pages and pup-up forms
  • Templates
  • Custom reports

2. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder tracks website visitors and tells you when a member from a target company visits your website so that you can follow up efficiently.

The application integrates with various CRMs and automatically adds new visitors to the sales pipeline, and refreshes lead records to ensure no leads are missed.

Leadfeeder, in contrast to other sales prospecting platforms, reveals the frequency with which prospects visit your website over a broad period. This data eventually comes in handy while qualifying and engaging your leads.

Key Features:

  • B2B lead generation
  • Channel attribution
  • Conversion tracking
  • Customer segmentation
  • Dynamic engagement tracking
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Email Alerts

3. Clearbit

Clearbit allows you to identify anonymous website visitors and track their activity, allowing you to see which aspects of your site are the most popular. Firmographic data allows you to personalize your website visitors’ experiences in real-time and alerts your sales team when one of their accounts shows intent.

You get visitor information, such as company size and location in real-time. With this data, you can create highly targeted accounts and lead lists, as well as automatically verify contact information. This ensures that your lists are always up to date with the most recent information.

You can also create a preferred contact persona and search for new target accounts based on your criteria.

Key Features:

  • Lead management
  • Lead segmentation
  • Data cleaning
  • Dynamic tracking
  • Performance metrics
  • Opportunity management

4. LeadIQ

LeadIQ contributes to improving your sales and marketing efficiency by assisting your sales team in devoting more time to higher-value activities.

The LeadIQ tool alone saves sales reps six hours per week on manual data entry. It helps your sales team connect with the right prospects at the right companies.

With a single click, you can capture leads directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator or any website and add them to your favorite sales tools.

Key Features:

  • Campaign builder
  • Account-based prospecting
  • Lead capture
  • Lead segmentation
  • Campaign management
  • Lead distribution
  • Lead nurturing

5. Adapt

Adapt is a global B2B account intelligence provider with 500M+ high-quality business contacts. It is a unified sales acceleration platform that helps you discover and enrich critical sales and marketing data accurately.

Adapt integrates with leading CRMs and fills your pipeline with high-quality data on existing and new contacts. Its chrome extension helps you get email IDs and other contact details right out of Linkedin and websites.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Job update alerts
  • CSV & CRM enrichment
  • Adapt API
  • Technology data

6. LeadFuze

Set your lead generation on autopilot with this unlimited and automated sales prospecting platform. Build lists of leads and automatically sync leads to CRMs and outreach tools or even for custom audience ad targeting.

LeadFuze aggregates, matches, and verifies contact emails in real-time across 500+ million business professionals.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Automated list building
  • Automatic contact syncing
  • Lead enrichment
  • Marketing + Account-based prospecting

7. Cloudlead

Cloudlead combines software scalability with a human touch for custom sales triggers that indicate strong buying intent and provides human-verified leads

Sales and marketing teams can easily supplement their multi-channel outreach with deeper insights into prospects and accounts while covering their Total Addressable Market. Examples include verified phone numbers, social ranks, and email scores so you know where your leads are most active.

Key Features:

  • Find contact emails
  • B2B sales insights
  • Human verified data
  • Data enrichment
  • Lead scoring

8. Triblio ABM Platform

The Triblio ABM platform brings together intent data, multichannel account-based advertising, website personalization, and sales activation to enable go-to-market teams to identify and prioritize best-fit accounts at scale, engage them, and grow the pipeline.

Triblio finds the accounts most likely to buy and tees them up for sales prospecting. Once high-fit prospects have been reached, salespeople can engage them with 1:1 personalized landing pages (Smart Pages) at scale.

Key Features:

  • Sales activation
  • Sales engagement
  • Lead-to-account matching
  • Account scoring
  • Intent data

Tools to Find Contact Details

9. Datanyze

Datanyze allows your sales team to quickly obtain highly accurate information about their prospects. One point in Datanyze’s favor is that they take privacy seriously and exceed all legal requirements for finding information about people online.

Its Chrome extension-as-default interface makes prospect research a breeze because there is no cumbersome user interface between research and outreach.

They also have this feature called “ice breakers,” which are related to the prospect’s geographic location and social media activity. So you’ll not only be able to contact the right people, but you’ll also have something to say when you do!

Key Features:

  • Chrome extension
  • Account-based marketing
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Customized conversion
  • Contract renewals
  • A lead-scoring predictive model
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Integrations

10. Hunter

Sometimes finding leads isn’t the issue–it’s about finding the right way to reach out to them. This is where tools like Hunter come in handy.

By delivering relevant email addresses in real-time, Hunter enables sales professionals to connect with the right prospects in the best way. You can search for a single prospect’s business email address or enrich your database with bulk email searches.

You can also use Hunter as a Google Sheets extension and in integration with your preferred sales and marketing tools.

Key Features:

  • List management
  • Email finder
  • Email verifier
  • Domain search
  • Confidence score
  • CRM and marketing tool integration

11. Overloop

Overloop is another tool that helps you connect with your prospects by providing email addresses and phone numbers associated with them.

All you need to do is provide the domain you want details about and Overloop pulls out the data for you. It also crawls and drives results from spreadsheets, PDFs, and documents hosted on the target domain.

However, the tool works best with SMBs and small sites, given its limitation to crawl up to 50 pages per domain.

Key Features:

  • Lead management
  • Finds email addresses
  • Finds phone numbers
  • Performance metrics
  • Proposal management
  • Contact management
  • LinkedIn automation & import

12. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a powerful search engine that allows you to enter a person’s name and company to find that person’s email address.

Voila Norbert’s eight-step email verification process ensures that you’re sending emails to real people.

It also provides data and insights for enrichment, such as job titles, companies, locations, and social profiles that will further help you segment your prospects and personalize your conversation better.

Key Features:

  • Single & bulk email search
  • Email verifier
  • Marketing tool integrations
  • Chrome extension

13. Skrapp

Skrapp is an email lookup and data enrichment tool for B2B sales outreach. Unlike other email lookup tools, Skrapp is one of the few sales tools that allow you to search for email addresses associated with a LinkedIn account.

Using their Google Chrome extension, you can go to someone’s LinkedIn profile and find the email address they used to sign up.

Another useful feature is the ability to save leads directly into lists, which saves your time.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Cold emailing
  • Prospecting
  • Database enrichment
  • Email verification
  • Catch-all server detection

14. GetProspect

GetProspect is a pretty effective tool for targeted B2B lead generation. With it, you can find emails by lead’s name, domain, and even LinkedIn URL.

Importantly, its Linkedin Chrome extension is a game changer for salespeople looking for leads on LinkedIn. Why? It allows getting email addresses from LinkedIn search and personal pages just in a few clicks.

In addition, this software can support your contact enrichment and lead management thanks to excellent B2B database and CRM features.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Email verifier
  • LinkedIn extension
  • Data enrichment
  • Lead management

15. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is an all-in-one lead-generation platform that allows you to contact people, local businesses, and companies from any industry.

Just giving a few parameters, the platform provides you with contact information from public sources with its search and prospecting tools and helps you run and set up cold email campaigns to contact leads.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Email verifier
  • Automatic email sequences
  • Lead generation

16. DeBounce

DeBounce is an affordable verification tool that makes spotting harmful emails simple and uncomplicated. Users can purchase 5,000 email verifications for just $10, and bigger orders are eligible for discounts.

Although DeBounce is inexpensive, it eliminates bounces, leaving users with a clear, useful email list. It even offers thorough reporting to back up this claim. Businesses on a budget seeking a trustworthy email verification system should check out DeBounce.

Key Features:

  • Bulk email validation
  • Email validation API
  • Data enrichment
  • Lead finder

Tools to Qualify Prospects

17. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo is a massive database that contains a wealth of information that can be used to qualify leads.

The tool digs into your leads’ contact information, suggests similar contacts to reach out to using AI, and discovers intent signals, such as projects that organizations are working on or launching. Such information helps you qualify your prospects, establish better communication, and increase your ROI by offering a relevant solution.

Furthermore, ZoomInfo natively integrates with several popular sales software platforms, automatically enriching lead profiles in your CRM.

Key Features:

  • Lead qualification & enrichment
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Activity and pipeline management
  • Artificial intelligence outreach
  • Account targeting
  • Campaign optimization
  • Enterprise API

18. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a platform that identifies which technologies a company is currently employing. You can refine your searches by location, traffic, and vertical and then download comprehensive lists of businesses that use a specific platform.

This comes in handy while targeting your prospects. You can see who uses shopping carts, hosting, advertising, CMS, and analytics by searching a database of over 53,000 web technologies and 673 million websites.

Then, before engaging in a conversation, you can use BuildWith’s sales intelligence feature to better understand your prospect’s platform. Furthermore, with global data coverage spanning over 270 countries, you can get a complete picture of your target market and competitors.

Key Features: 

  • Contact database
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead capture & segmentation
  • Cyber risk auditing
  • Report filtering
  • API access
  • CRM integrations

19. Vainu

Vainu is a sales intelligence platform that assists businesses in providing the tailored sales experience that customers expect. You get 100+ search filters from Vainu’s real-time database to find the best-fit prospects.

It’s packed with powerful features, such as the ability to follow prospect lists and react instantly when a new company matches your criteria, or a prospect appears to be interested in you.

Furthermore, the platform integrates with several marketing automation platforms to prioritize inbound leads and personalize campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Company profiles
  • A comprehensive range of data
  • Data enrichment
  • Data customization
  • Target accounts
  • Workflow triggers
  • Automation

20. Crystal

Crystal analyses public data and employs an algorithm to detail that person’s DiSC personality profile.

You can, for example, see how a prospect prefers to communicate and how they make decisions so that you can adjust your pitch and communication style. So, you will know how to communicate and engage your prospects better, pushing them toward the conversion stage.

You can also install the Gmail plugin, which in Gmail offers immediate recommendations regarding the recipient’s personality and communication style.

Key Features:

  • Prospect personality profile
  • Prospecting
  • Pitch tailoring
  • Customer engagement
  • Contact management

21. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a website lead identification and qualification platform built for sales teams. It helps you identify, qualify and manage your leads in one place.

With LeadBoxer, you can enrich, score and segment your leads. Its web application allows you to modify lead scores, set up notifications, manage leads in kanban view, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Website lead capturing and Identification
  • Lead qualification by enrichment and lead scoring
  • Lead Management & Marketing CRM

Tools for Sales Engagement

22. Reply

Reply is a powerful sales engagement platform that streamlines multichannel outreach while keeping every interaction relevant and personal.

Aside from its core sequencing capabilities, it also offers a ton of valuable add-ons like an email finder, effective deliverability features, and an AI-powered assistant to power up every aspect of your sales process.

It’s a perfect platform for larger teams with advanced performance analytics and permission management.

Key Features:

  • Email finder
  • Automatic multichannel sequences
  • Email warm-up
  • LinkedIn automation
  • Cloud calls

23. SmartTask

SmartTask is an all-in-one work management platform that empowers sales teams with both project management and CRM capabilities.

It allows you to manage tasks in multiple views, such as list, kanban board, calendar, and timeline. You can track deal progress throughout the sales pipeline with custom fields and predict sales with accurate sales analytics.

SmartTask also allows you to manage contacts, trigger audio & video calls to engage leads, and keep track of communication history.

Key Features:

  • Sales CRM
  • Sales forecasting
  • Contact management
  • Call tracking
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Analytics & reporting

24. monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM is a part of monday’s work OS, which is another work management platform that helps sales professionals with both core project management and CRM capabilities.

It allows you to collect leads from any source, manage deal stages, keep track of contacts, manage post-sales activities, and other sales operations.

Key Features:

  • Lead capturing & management
  • Account & contact management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Deal management
  • Project management

25. Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM is an alternative to old-school spreadsheets for real economy sectors. The clean design, easy setup, seamless integrations, and intuitive tools are perfectly designed to minimize data headaches and accelerate sales for any team.

Without the chaos and hefty price tag of big-brand CRMs, this cost-effective sales platform is just what you need to manage your leads, monitor conversations, and track insights in an organized manner.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integrations
  • Manage Multiple Pipelines
  • Account Customization
  • Lead Tracking and Reporting
  • Lead Nurturing and Management

26. Bloobirds

Bloobirds is a sales engagement platform that transforms your CRM. Bloobirds sit on top of it to make it more functional for the sales team. It eliminates admin tasks, makes selling more intuitive, and makes sure best plays are followed.

It helps sales teams flow through their pipeline; it also collects crucial data and creates competitive insights.

Key Features:

  • Dialer
  • Smart email editor
  • Task assistance
  • Linkedin extension
  • In-app playbook

27. Close

Close is a customer relationship management (CRM) software to assist your sales team in making more calls, closing more deals, and ultimately meeting or exceeding the targets on or before deadlines.

Close was created to allow users to spend more time communicating with their existing customers and potential clients and less time entering data.

The platform is essentially an engine that combines customer management tools with communication capabilities like VoIP calling and two-way email. Close allows users to make and receive calls as well as take business notes without ever picking up a phone or leaving the application.

Key Features:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Power dialer
  • Integration with email clients
  • CRM reporting & analytics

28. Outreach

Outreach is an email outreach and sales engagement platform that aims to improve the productivity of sales teams by enabling them to manage their prospects efficiently.

The tool facilitates communication with outbound sales prospects via email, sending out cold emails, tracking them, and other sales automation features.

You can also integrate the platform with your email to clear the unwanted clutter and provide a consolidated report of everything to make better decisions.

Key Features:

  • Sales engagement
  • Pipeline generation
  • Deal management
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Sales intelligence
  • Opportunity management
  • A/B testing
  • Meeting scheduling

29. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams save time, stay organized and focused, achieve agile goals, and grow revenue. The platform empowers sales reps to respond promptly to new leads, keep interactions consistent across multiple channels, and generate more qualified sales opportunities.

VanillaSoft’s lead prioritization engine automatically serves the next best lead based on your ideal customer profile, buyer intent data, and cadence schedule.

Key Features:

  • Lead & sales tracking
  • Auto dialing
  • Lead routing
  • Call recording
  • Appointment setting

30. Autoklose

Autoklose is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that offers B2B data and email automation. Utilizing a B2B database packed with clean, verified leads, Autoklose helps you target the right prospects.

You can automate your email campaigns in 5 easy steps and engage your prospects by sending out sequences of highly personalized emails at scale. It also enables you to monitor your response rates and fine-tune your campaigns in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Email campaign management
  • B2B contact data
  • Email verification
  • Email tracking
  • Real-time reporting

31. Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales engagement tool that assists you in effectively managing your tasks. The tool helps you send personalized emails, as well as track opens and follow-ups.

When a buyer responds to an email, the automation rules take effect and direct them to the most appropriate workflow with hyper-relevant messages. It also has a powerful caller to contact your prospects.

You can also integrate Salesloft with your CRMs, allowing you to manage your database more seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Lead management
  • Sales acceleration
  • Sales automation
  • Call recording
  • Cold email
  • Sales pipeline
  • Performance dashboard

32. Kixie

Kixie is an automated calling and texting platform built for sales teams that work with leading CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. With tools like automated lead caller and automated event-based SMS, Kixie engages leads when *they* are engaged.

Plus, it saves agents hours each day with smart tools like the PowerCall multi-line autodialer, voicemail drop, local presence dialing, dashboard analytics & reporting, and more.

Key Features:

  • Multi-line power dialer
  • Voicemail drop
  • Local presence dialing
  • Outbound calling tools
  • Inbound calling tools

33. SendX

SendX is an Intuitive and affordable email marketing tool. With its simplest UI, SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, automation capabilities, best of breed email deliverability.

With SendX, you can segment the customers on the basis of demography, subscriber behavior, and more than 25+ other parameters.

Key Features:

  • Email marketing
  • Email template collections
  • Email deliverability
  • Email segmentation
  • Email automation

34. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video application that helps you build virtual connections.

You can create personalized and interactive video experiences, as well as gain valuable insight into customer behavior and preferences.

With Vidyard, you can create videos with your webcam or screen recorder, customize your thumbnail, and share via email, social media, or other platforms. You can send or distribute product demos, customer stories, executive updates, and other materials.

Key Features:

  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Social sharing
  • Video editing
  • Screen recording
  • Animated video previews
  • Multi-channel distribution

Sales Engagement Tools for Gmail & Outlook

35. Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement tool built for Gmail. It helps entire revenue teams collaborate to work as one cohesive unit with the goal of turning prospects and leads into happy, long-term customers.

Mixmax’s features are designed to automate repetitive tasks and workflows–like manually updating Salesforce–and help teams boost engagement with recipients via one-click meetings, polls, sequences, email tracking, and more.

Key Features:

  • Automatic email sequences
  • One-click meetings
  • One-click polls
  • Salesforce automation
  • Email tracking

36. Boomerang

Boomerang is a powerful extension that integrates with Gmail and Outlook and acts as a mini-AI assistant in your inbox.

It offers numerous useful features, such as the ability to schedule an email in advance to reach a prospect at their most convenient time.

Boomerang also has a few other useful features to help you stay organized. You can, for example, configure it to send an email automatically if you don’t receive a response or to send reminders if you don’t respond to an email after a certain number of days.

Key Features:

  • Email scheduling
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Magic live calendar
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Tracking email engagement

37. Yesware

Yesware is another Google and Outlook email prospecting tool that allows you to reach out to prospects, schedule meetings, and follow up with leads directly from your inbox.

With daily activity-tracking features, you can see what’s working and where they need to improve. The platform also sends you notifications when leads open your emails, view attachments, or click on links.

You can easily schedule automated emails and calls and create meaningful follow-ups using Yesware’s multi-channel campaign features. You can also create a library of your most effective email templates and share it with the rest of your team.

Key Features:

  • Email tracking
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Email templates
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Integrations

Tools for Scheduling Meetings

38. Calendly

By far the most popular scheduling platform is Calendly. Over 50,000 businesses have used it to streamline over 200 million meetings since 2013.

Calendly not only syncs with your calendar, but it also allows you to easily determine your availability. From there, it only shows visitors where you’re available, so there’s no need to worry about double-booking.

Clients can also only select the type of meeting and meeting lengths you’ve predetermined. You can also provide multiple in-person or virtual locations so that invitees can choose the best way to connect with you.

Key Features:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Group appointments
  • Auto follow-ups & reminders
  • Personalized notifications
  • Overview team activity
  • Excellent mobile app

39. Demodesk

Demodesk is a great meeting platform for sales and success teams that takes engaging prospects/clients to a whole new level.

It loads the ideal playbook into every customer meeting, guiding reps with the appropriate slides or web apps to present and track talks and battle cards on the fly.

Its AI-based insights help sales leaders understand what’s happening in the call and what works and coach teams.

Key Features:

  • Agenda management
  • Scheduling & invitation management
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Auto-dialling
  • Call recording
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Sales automation

Tools for LinkedIn Prospecting

40. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has several add-ons designed specifically for lead generation, one of which is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that enables sales professionals to quickly find quality leads on LinkedIn who are likely to convert with just a few clicks.

This tool allows users to view more leads than a standard search would, while also expanding the user’s network by allowing them to message leads who aren’t yet connected.

 Key Features:

  • Prospecting
  • Advanced search
  • Saving searches & leads
  • InMail
  • Customized news feed
  • Automated lead recommendations
  • CRM integration

41. Surfe (Previously Leadjet)

If you are tired of moving data manually between LinkedIn and your CRM, then this is a great tool to use. Surfe is a sales productivity tool that integrates with your CRM and LinkedIn and makes your CRM data viewable on LinkedIn.

The extension synchronizes messages, contacts, and other data between the two platforms, eventually removing the need for manual data entry and input errors. Leadjet also enhances contacts and creates personalized message templates to help you personalize your LinkedIn outreach.

Surfe integrates with Hubspot, Salesforce, Salesloft, Pipedrive, Copper, and Sales Navigator, among other systems.

Key Features:

  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • On-Profile lead information
  • CRM & enrichment tool integration
  • Lead verification
  • Automated data entry
  • CRM data enrichment

42. LinkMatch

LinkMatch is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to instantly see which LinkedIn or Xing profiles are already in your CRM and which are not.

It allows you to view/edit existing profiles and related information, hide/show and rearrange the fields, and save LinkedIn and Xing profiles to your CRM system. You can also automatically save your LinkedIn messages into your CRM assigned to the right profile.

Key Features:

  • LinkedIn profile saving
  • Managing CRM contacts from LinkedIn

Prospect like a Pro!

We did our part by introducing these amazing tools that can be revolutionary for your business.

And now it’s your turn to pick the right tools that align with your requirements the best and manage your sales prospecting process like a pro!

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