From the subject line to the email body, compelling and engaging content is one of the strong pillars that define the success of your email marketing strategy. However, there’s a method to the madness and a few things needed to create a successful email. 

Every effective email marketing strategy consists of the following:

  • Content and frequency planning
  • Creative and content development
  • Spam-free deployment system
  • Email campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting

Excellent email content engages your subscribers and makes them more likely to read your future marketing emails. Conversely, boring or poorly written content can make your audience lose interest, leading to increased unsubscribe requests and negatively affecting your email stats and your email ROI.

While great content is the goal, we understand that coming up with it can be challenging, especially when you are wearing many hats as a business owner. Below are our top tips for overcoming writer’s block when writing email content:

1. Tap Into Insights From Your Email Automation Tool

Daniel Murphy, a marketing automation consultant, states that creating customer-centric content is one of the elements of successful marketing automation implementation.

One of the reasons for implementing marketing automation in email marketing is to cut down on repetitive tasks that can help free up significant time. However, your email marketing automation tool can also help you overcome writer’s block for moments when coming up with engaging content may be challenging.

How? Insights from past campaign performances help you identify email content types that have worked for successful campaigns. All you need to do is draw inspiration from the campaigns’ content to develop another engaging campaign that will hook your readers.

2. Use Benchmark Email’s Smart Content Feature

On days when you can’t get your creative juices flowing, turn to Benchmark Email’s Smart Content to get you started with engaging content ideas for your email. With the Smart Content feature, you can rewrite content that you already have (from past campaigns) or write new content and fine-tune it to your taste.

All you have to do is feed the AI with a detailed description of the content theme, and the tool uses that to generate fresh content that you can use as is or use as an inspiration to get started. When crafting your description for Smart Content, make sure it answers the following questions for the best results:

  • What do you want to highlight?
  • When is it happening?
  • Who should know about it?
  • Where is it happening?

3. Practice A/B Testing

A/B testing, often referred to as split-testing, is a great way to try out content ideas to see if they resonate with your audience and can be a fun way to overcome writer’s block when writing your emails.

Regularly testing different sections of your email content will help you identify the subject lines that work, email headlines and email body content that resonate with your audience, and the content format and types to avoid.

Drawing inspiration from split tests helps you identify content formats that have worked for your audience. That way, you can focus on coming up with similar content types in a bid to replicate the same success. You get some inspiration for your email copy and give your email campaign a good chance of success.

3. Create Captivating Subject Lines with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

The email subject line is an essential element of your email marketing. Many email users decide to read emails based on how captivating the subject lines are. Beyond trying to capture your readers’ attention with your subject line, a great headline sets the tone and direction for your email copy.

So, if you are unsure what to put in your email content, head to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer and generate multiple headlines that you can use as your email’s subject line. You can keep trying until you find what works. The headline provides you with inspiration and direction for your copy. Once that’s settled, you can get to crafting the actual copy that tallies with what you have in the headline.

4. Benchmark Email’s Subject Lines Tool

Do you have a Benchmark Email account? We have a tool that provides you with inspiration for creating compelling and relevant content for your target audience.

In our drag-and-drop email editor, there’s a subject line section with a little lightbulb that, when clicked on, shows users the top-performing subject lines from previous emails and past email campaigns.

Identifying what has worked in the past could inspire you to get creative and pull off something similar to replicate the same success! Instead of digging through past campaigns, our tool does the heavy lifting for you and brings the success stats straight to you. 

Engaging and relevant content is vital in nurturing your relationship with your audience via email marketing. With it, you enable conversions and sales because your audience looks forward to your content, and customers and prospects are more likely to take action on your CTAs. Implement these tips today and open your business to engaging content not limited by writer’s block!