You know that email marketing is essential for brand growth, but do you know how to send emails that are beautiful, engaging, and get the job done? It’s a tall order, which is why it can be helpful to look at brands that have a reputation for hitting it out of the park.

Every brand is different. The basics of what makes a fantastic email, however, don’t really vary. You need that ideal balance of visual content with compelling copy, all wrapped up in a pretty bow (in this case, that means a killer subject line and a call to action that grabs attention and inspires action). Even better is to have an automated email marketing tool that will help you create these sorts of emails with ease — and that’s super user friendly so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to compete.

Below, we’re sharing some quick tips for making sure your emails stand out  — followed by a look at five brands that have already cracked the code. Let’s go!

Quick Tips for Acing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Effective email marketing campaigns don’t just appear out of thin air. Aside from some impressive writing and graphic design skills, they require a targeted effort oriented toward specific goals — both short and long term. Here are some of the bases that you’ll want to be sure to cover.

  • Know your KPIs. You have to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve before you can go out and achieve it. There are a lot of relevant email marketing metrics and KPIs (subscriber counts, open rates, and click-throughs, to name a few), and it’s important that you hone in on the ones that matter most to your brand. Then track them to see what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.
  • Invest in email marketing software. An automated email marketing tool can make or break your campaign. That’s because in addition to minimizing the number of steps it takes to create gorgeous emails, an automated platform can also help you do all of the other things that are so necessary to success — including segmenting your audience and tracking those KPIs mentioned above.
  • Pay attention to your subject lines. Your subject line is your email’s first impression and the best chance that you have to inspire an open. It can also be the deciding factor in whether your email goes to an inbox or a spam folder. Take a look at our Ultimate Checklist for Better Email Subject Lines to get on the right track.

5 Brands That Are Doing Their Email Campaigns Right

Okay, now that we got some quick tips under our belts5 Brands That Put Together Great Emails, let’s look at some email examples from other brands. Get out your notebook.

1. Grammarly

We love using Grammarly. It’s a reliable editing tool that can help you elevate your content and ensure it’s grammatically sound. They also send compelling emails.

Your readers are busy, so why not get right to the point? Grammarly shows how it’s done with a no-fuss email that’s little more than a value proposition with a CTA attached — but that somehow still manages to catch the eye and promote precisely how their product can benefit users.

2. HelloFresh

The market is saturated with meal delivery services, so how does a brand like HelloFresh stand out? With emails, of course. This campaign breaks down (in the simplest terms possible) what HelloFresh does for its customer then tops it off with an incentive — in this case, an enticing coupon code. It’s a good lesson in how if you want to gain something (attention over your competitors), you have to be willing to give something in return.

3. Girlfriend Collective

Here’s another example of a fantastic campaign that doesn’t mince words. Girlfriend Collective is a brand that makes ethical activewear, and this email sent out to new subscribers conveys exactly who the brand is  — and offers value-driven enticement specifically intended to convert first time customers — no more, and no less. Their tagline at the end gives you permission to indulge a bit. By purchasing products from their brand, you’re helping to reduce landfills, which is a pretty good incentive in and of itself.

4. Tushy


You have to be able to laugh at yourself when you’re selling toilet attachments. Bidet brand Tushy does a great job at that in this email sent out to first time purchasers. Even better, they include content targeted toward helping this unique subset of customers get the most out of their product in the form of a how-to installation video and a link to book some hands-on help. If you didn’t know what to do next with your Tushy purchase, you certainly do now.

5. World Market

World Market knows who their audience is, and they play directly into their interests in this email. While the primary intent is to promote their frame sale, they weave it into a more content-driven message than overtly sales driven. It’s shot then chaser, enticing readers to embrace some DIY framing crafts and then offering them a discount on the tools to do it.

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