When we think of weddings, we’re reminded of jubilant smiles, flowing cascades of flowers and the tinkle of silverware against glasses of bubbling champagne. And this is why the cake bakers and candlestick makers promote the idea of the wedding first, and sell their wares after the happy couple is firmly ensorcelled and vulnerable.

But in Vivid Jeweler’s last newsletter, the shop staff did more than bewitch with a crisp image of a couple joyously sprinting through confetti: they asked clients to vote in a poll so the jeweler could make it into local television station’s “Hot List.”

The combination of graceful images with the persuasive message to cast ballots on behalf of the store was not only effective, but bordering on genius. Readers are reminded of how beautiful the jeweler’s products are, but also told that they have only four days to get the store onto that coveted list.

Another super-smart element of the newsletter is color. The image of the bride and groom, the engagement rings, the header, footer and much of everything else, is in black and white. But the urgent reminder of “4 days left” to vote – as well the Hot List logo, stand out in popping red.

Getting your customers to buy things can be a challenge, but getting them to create an account on a site they’ll probably never visit again, just so they can vote for you in a poll, is a whole other story. Vivid Jewelry uses good design and a strong call to action to kick up the vote count, and they more than deserve our Best Poll-Related Email Campaign.

You can visit the full newsletter campaign in the Benchmark Community!